Roofing & Wall Membranes

We stock & supply a wide range of breathable underlays suitable for installation in roofs, such as Tyvek Supro Breathable Roof Underlay Felt, Cromar Vent 3 Pro High Performance 165gsm Breathable Roof Underlay and About Roofing Supplies Breathable Roof Underlay Felt - and much more!

Leading Suppliers of Breathable Roof Underlays

We offer a range of options when it comes to letting your roof and walls breathe. Choose from our range of top quality breathable roof underlays and allow air to circulate while keeping dust and dirt at bay. About Roofing Supplies have sourced the best quality breathable underlays on the marketplace and only work with trusted and reputable suppliers. So you can rest assured that when you buy through us, you will receive quality products that do just the job they are supposed to.

Whether you are renovating an old building, or working on a new build project, breathable roof underlay can help to ensure that the air circulates around your home freely and can stop your home feeling stuffy, or moisture building up which could lead to damp and rot. Good air flow is hugely important in keeping your building and roof space functioning at its best.

Why Buy Breathable Roof Underlay?

Breathable Roof Underlay is so important in allowing the roof space and the rooms below it to breathe, and to ensure that condensation is able to escape out into the atmosphere rather than building up in the home. Breathable underlays will also prevent water and dust from building up in the loft space. Many of our products are fully recyclable and all have good resistance to tear alongside high breathability, excellent water resistance and impressive elasticity.

What different products can you find in the Breathable Roof Underlay Range?

In the About Roofing Breathable Roof Underlay range, you can discover excellent quality breathable roof underlays in a variety of sizes and thicknesses to suit your project's needs. You can also find Single Sided Joint Tape & Double Sided Acrylic Joint Tape For Breathable Membranes to ensure you can complete the work with ease.

Make Great Savings on Breathable Roof Underlay

We offer great savings and discounts on our Breathable Membrane & Breathable Roof Underlay range. For more information call our friendly team today. All of the products in our ranges are excellent value.

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