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Leading Suppliers of Brick Trowels, Finishing Trowels & Plasterers Trowels

We supply a fantastic range of top quality Brick Trowels, Finishing Trowels & Plasterers Trowels which can be used for gauging, pointing and many other roofing and construction tasks. At About Roofing we only work with reputable companies and ensure that you receive the best deals possible on quality roofing supplies.


Why Shop Our Brick Trowels, Finishing Trowels & Plasterers Trowels?

Our Brick Trowels, Finishing Trowels & Plasterers Trowels come in a variety of shapes and sizes, tailored to specialise in individual purposes. Pointed Trowels are designed to butter bricks with mortar easily and efficiently for layering. Straight or Finishing Trowels are used to smooth and finish newly cemented surfaces. Gauging Trowels allow you to tamp down and  seal building blocks without damaging the bricks.


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Our Full Range of Brick Trowels, Finishing Trowels & Plasterers Trowels

Our full range of products include Brick Trowels, Finishing Trowels, Pointed Trowels, Gauging Trowels and Plasterers Trowels. We are here to help and guide you for all your roofing & building needs. It is our job to stock quality equipment from trusted suppliers, so you can feel confident with your purchases when you buy from us.


Our hardwearing Contractors Range Brick Trowel and Pointed Trowel are built with site work in mind. With a hardened tempered carbon steel blade and a polished wooden handle, these are the perfect products for brick laying.

Alternatively, shop our Contractors Range Gauging Trowel for a smoother round-edged blade, to carry out layering safely and just as efficiently.

Looking for a bit more high end? We also supply the Ox Pro Stainless Steel Plasterers Trowel and Ox Pro Ultraflex Finishing Trowel made from tempered stainless steel. Our Ox Pro Trowels feature a lightweight handle and our Plasterers Trowel takes this further with a duragrip design for the ultimate comfort. It is also created with pre-worn edges to eliminate ripple marks. Our Finishing Trowel comes designed with round corners for a smooth finish and is armed with new unique twin blade technology for complete flexibility. Both our Ox Pro Trowels provide the ultimate high quality experience for building and layering.

Fantastic Prices on Brick Trowels, Finishing Trowels & Plasterers Trowels

We pick the best Trowels to have in our range so you can rest assured that when you buy a Trowel through us you are not only getting top quality but great value too.


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