Chimney Cowls

We stock & supply a wide range of metal chimney cowls for fitting onto chimney pots to prevent drafts, encourage airflow, capping or simply to prevent birds from nesting! Our range includes Madcowl Anti Downdraught Cowls, Brewer UFO Cowls & BrewerAspirotors.

Chimney Cowls - What Are They For?

A cowl is typically hood-shaped and is used as a covering over a chimney pot to help ensure smoke doesn't flow back down the flue and into the home when a fire is lit. Its name comes from the cowl garments often seen on monks that have been part of their attire for many centuries.

If backdraught is an issue, a chimney cowl can quickly and easily be fitted over the top of the chimney pot to prevent this from happening.

A chimney cowl is commonly crafted from galvanised iron, though with different designs and features of contemporary buildings, there are now many different options available in a variety of materials and designs.

When lighting a fire in the home, it is normal for the smoke to rise and pour out of the chimney at the rooftop level, where it will then drift into the sky. However, when there are strong winds, it is possible for these to 'defeat' the updraft and instead push the smoke back down into the home where it can cause several severe problems, including smoke damage, toxic fumes, and even fire.

Taking measures to prevent this from happening means that homeowners and building designers can rest assured that they are protecting the building and keeping the interior safe.

A chimney cowl can also help prevent birds, bats, and squirrels from nesting within the chimney flue. It also helps to discourage the ingress of water, which can be helpful, particularly during heavy rain or snow, where water could come down the chimney and enter the property, causing damage.

Why Purchase a Chimney Cowl?

If you live in an area where weather is unpredictable and often severe, investing in a chimney cowl could be a smart move. A quality chimney cowl will ensure that smoke from your fire blows up and out of the home, preventing damage, unpleasant odours, and potentially dangerous fires in the property.

A chimney cowl is also a wise choice if you have a problem with bats, birds, or other wildlife taking up residence in your chimney, and you can ensure that you protect your home, as well as theirs, by preventing them from doing so.

Need helpful advice on fitting your chimney cowl? Check out our handy guide on how to fit a chimney cowl.

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