Oxyturbo Lead Welding Kits

Suitable for many welding applications, the Oxyturbo Turbo Set 90 compact lead welding kit is suitable for all kinds of applications such as lead welding, brazing, refrigeration repairs & jewellery making. We stock and supply these kits & replacement Oxyturbo Oxygen bottles & Oxyturbo Gas bottles & Oxyturbo nozzles.

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Leading Suppliers of Oxyturbo Lead Welding Kits

Our Oxyturbo Lead Welding Kits are hugely versatile and can be used for a number of projects. The Oxyturbo set comes with everything you need for professional lead welding and burning,  as well as being suitable for personal projects such as jewellery making. At About Roofing, we pride ourselves on delivering top-quality roofing and building supplies from the UK’s leading suppliers. We provide efficient and high-quality products for great value so that our customers can trust us to deliver on all their roofing needs.

Ideal for brazing, burning, soldering and welding, our Oxyturbo Lead Welding Kits are perfect for lead roofing projects. The Oxyturbo set includes all the elements you need, compacted in an extremely durable and portable structure, allowing you to carry out tasks efficiently.


Why Shop Our Oxyturbo Lead Welding Kits?

Lightweight and practical, our Lead Welding Kits (or Lead Burning Kits) are designed with your needs in mind, crafted to effectively carry out your duties for both professional and personal use. Our Oxyturbo set is a versatile solution to your welding process for waterproof roofing materials, joints and many other functions.

Products You Can Find in Our Oxyturbo Lead Welding Kits Range

The Oxyturbo 90 - Lead Welding & Lead Burning Kit is a compact, powerful set primarily designed for professional lead welding. The Oxyturbo 90 is also suitable for small hydraulics, air conditioning, plumbing and refrigeration system repairs. Safety is guaranteed with this model by four flashback arrestors with double protection.

We also supply Oxyturbo Oxygen & Gas Cylinders suitable as a replacement for an Oxyturbo set, giving you a sustainable solution for your Oxyturbo 90 Lead Welding Kit.

Fantastic Prices on Oxyturbo Lead Welding Kits

Our Oxyturbo Lead Welding Kits are fantastic value and we often have great offers on these products too - saving our customers money whatever their home or garden project!


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