Roof Insulation

We stock and supply a wide range of roofing insulation including pitched roof insulation, flat roof insulation and insulation for ceiling, wall and floor applications.

Leading Supplier of Roof Insulation

We keep the popular Celotex GA4000, XR4000 and TB4000 ranges in stock in the most popular sizes with other sizes available to special order - these products are consistently in high demand due to their excellent performance at an economical price point. Suitable for floor, wall and roof systems, there are few projects where the Celotex GA4000, XR4000 or TB4000 product ranges are not the ideal solution.

We also stock large quantities of Knauf Earthwool Loft Roll, which is quick and easy to lay between the rafters in cold lofts at ceiling level, and starts paying for itself in energy savings as soon as it has been laid. Rockwool Slabs for ceiling, wall and floor projects are popular as they are quick and easy to lay with minimal waste, and provide excellent thermal and acoustic insulation in partition walls, floors, ceilings and roof.

Please call or email us if you want to discuss your insulation requirements further - we are waiting to hear from you!