Building Aggregates

We stock and supply quality aggregates such as soft sand, black sand, ballast and MOT in bulk bags.

Leading Suppliers of Building Aggregates

Here our customers can browse the widest selection of Building Aggregates from trusted providers. We supply a range of top quality building aggregates which can be used for rendering, plastering, bricklaying, pointing and so much more!.

All the Building Aggregates available to purchase on our site are carefully chosen, so we only offer the very best and highest quality products to our customers. We only work with experienced and reputable suppliers, so you can be assured that when you purchase through About Roofing, you’ll receive a top quality product that you can rely on.

Why Buy Building Aggregates?

'Aggregate' is a term that can be used to describe any particulate material. Some common building aggregates include gravel, sand, and recycled concrete among others. Aggregate could consist of natural material or be specifically manufactured or recycled. Building Aggregates have a wide range of uses such as landscaping, slab laying, block paving garden decoration, borders, driveways and many more.

What different products can you find in the Building Aggregates range?

In the About Roofing Building Aggregates range, there are a huge number of building aggregate types to choose from including and number of different sands, cements, concrete and mortar..

Choose from soft building sand, master grade cement, roof tile bedding mortar,coarse sharp sand, ballast and more!.

Save Money on Building Aggregates

If you are looking for the best quality Building Aggregates at low prices then look no further! All of the Building Aggregates sold in our extensive range are top value. Our aggregates are perfect for a range of building and gardening projects.

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