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About Our Customer Feedback & Reviews

At About Roofing Supplies we work very hard to make sure that our customers have a positive experience when they deal with us, and we have always encouraged our customers to leave reviews via third party, independent platforms such as Trustpilot and Google.

All of our customers are automatically invited by email to leave a review after each transaction, and we respond to every single one of them.

We obviously like receiving positive reviews, but the less positive or negative reviews are also appreciated as they give us an opportunity to review our procedures and, if something has gone wrong, an opportunity to apologise and to make it right.

Over the last few years reviews have lost credibility with many consumers due to the widely publicised issues with fake or incentivised reviews (where customers are paid to leave reviews), and have also lost credibility with businesses such as us as the review gathering platforms such as Trustpilot and Google do a poor job of moderating reviews leaving businesses such as us open to untrue, fake and sometime libellous feedback. In 2019 Google changed its guidance for online business regarding how and where reviews should be displayed on websites and how Google itself will show them in it's search results as a result of the loss of credibility of online reviews generally.

Unlike some other businesses, we do not incentivise our customers to leave us reviews, and we are unable to amend or change the reviews left - only our customers can do that. However this has left us open to review extortion (where customers threaten us with negative reviews), and like most online businesses subject to reviews related to issues with third party parcel and pallet carriers (reference to the reviews for any online business - including ours - will quickly reveal that most moderate or poor reviews are linked to issues with carriers rather than the actual business that have supplied the goods).

In practice, industry statistics reflect the fact that around 95% of customers of any online business do not leave reviews, which is reflected in most businesses having a mix of very happy customers leaving five star reviews and unhappy customers leaving poor reviews. It is worth bearing in mind that the vast majority of customers are broadly satisfied to have received the goods and service, in good time, as they expected - nothing more, nothing less, and subsequently don't feel the need to leave a review.

It is also worth bearing in mind that good industry practice, and professionalism, prevents most businesses such as ours, from responding to poor customer reviews in detail, preferring to take the high ground and to try to resolve any issues directly, rather than letting the review turn into an online argument which reflects poorly on both parties. Of course this approach leaves online businesses open to distortions of the truth, fake reviews and undeserved comments on occasion, however in practice those leaving such reviews simply end up leaving a review that reflects badly on themselves and is rarely taken seriously by those reading them.

The vast majority of us, if not all, will have experienced frustrations, problems and often appalling service from large organisations such as mobile phone companies, utilities, insurance companies etc. Long waits on hold then being unable to get through to the right person in the right department, staff who don't care, overseas call centres, 'computer says no'- we have all been there! Unfortunately this can lead consumers to believe that all organisations are as difficult to deal with as these large organisations, and that the best way to contact business and organisations is with all guns blazing, expecting to have to fight to get anywhere. At About Roofing Supplies we are the direct opposite: we are not a large company with hundreds of employees. Our staff will take ownership of any queries and issues, and these are often discussed behind the scenes with senior staff so that we can achieve the right outcome for our customer. If our staff are unable to resolve an issue, or if our customers are not satisfied, then a senior member of our management team will step in and take ownership of the issue. With us there is no need to call or email us expecting a battle - we will make sure that that is not necessary!

In 2020 we made the bold decision to cease using Trustpilot's paid services to gather and display service reviews due to a lack of confidence in their policy regarding review moderation as outlined above. This was a particulary bold decision on our part because we were amongst the leaders, if not the leaders, in many of the applicable business categories for construction materials suppliers on Trustpilot - in other words our reviews were better than many if not all of our competitors, however for the reasons outlined above we had little confidence that our reputation and interests were being protected in the event of review extortion (as outlined above for example). 

We have continued to invite our customers to leave Google reviews about us, and our customers are still able to leave reviews on Trustpilot about our services if they wish to do so.