Roof Slates

We stock and supply slate roof tiles from leading manufacturers & brands such as SSQ and Cembrit. Whether you’re looking for natural slates from Brazil or Spain or man made slate tiles, we have a wide range of products available for you.

Leading Supplier of Slate Tiles

We offer a wide range of carefully sourced slate roof tiles chosen for their aesthetics, durability, and overall quality. Whether you want to refresh your roof and the look of your home, it’s time to replace your old slate tile roof, or you have a building or development project that you’d like to discuss with us, we can provide the highest quality roofing tiles to get the job done.

Our slate roofing tiles come in a range of different cuts and materials so we can ensure the finished job is exactly what you had in mind. Our slate tiles are the best around, and we can provide the look and finish that will exceed your expectations.

If you need any assistance before making a purchase our passionate team of tiling experts here at About Roofing Supplies HQ is on hand to give you advice, make recommendations, talk through your project and answer any questions you may have. Just pick up the phone and call us on 01737 948888, or drop us an email us at and we’ll be more than happy to help. If you want answers right away, use the live chat button at the bottom right-hand side of this page.

If you are looking for detailed advice on slate tiles, are searching for practical tiling tips or useful information related to roofing and tiles, take a look at our handy blog which is full of useful content to help you keep your roof safe, what to do if you spot a problem, and how to maintain to ensure you get the most life from your roof possible.

About Roofing has a great variety of slates to choose from, and whichever product you decide upon you are sure to create a stunning slate roof for your latest project. Slate tiles work well on both new builds or more traditional buildings, so you really can’t go wrong!

What makes roof slates an excellent choice for your building project?

Roof slate tiles are becoming increasingly popular due to the pleasing look that can be created. Due to the natural colour gradients and shades in the tiles, the overall effect can be quite breathtaking and looks great on many different building types. Slate tiles have been used on homes and other building types for centuries and so suit both contemporary and more historic buildings and because of the pleasing look that is created, as well as the durability and longevity of slate (a slate roof should last for over 100 years). Choosing slate roof tiles can add value to the property, and can actually be very cost effective as even though the initial outlay for materials may be costly because the roof lasts for such a long time it could work out less expensive than having to replace a roof made from cheaper, less durable tiles.

What exactly is slate?

Slate is a natural product formed from metamorphic rock, meaning it is created out of changes or ‘metamorphosis’ to existing rock types. It is super strong and will stand up against most weather types, including frost. Slate is also very fire-resistant, which means peace of mind for you and your family.


Natural Slate Roof Tiles

Harbouring from Spain, Canada, Brazil, and Wales our natural slate roof tiles are ideal for those who want a classic and sophisticated natural slate look for their roof. The overall effect of a natural slate roof can be stunning and add value to your home. Natural slate is highly durable and weather and fire-resistant too. We offer these tiles in several different sizes.


Spanish slate

Spanish slate tiles are fantastic quality and create a breathtaking traditional look when finished. Spanish slates are an extremely popular choice and can help to regulate the temperature in your home, therefore, reducing energy bills.


Canadian slate

Canadian slates are exceptionally strong and often have a blue/grey hue, which gives a unique look and finish while still offering impressive longevity.

Brazilian slate

Did you know that Brazil is now the second biggest manufacturer of slate in the world? This slate tile type is formed from mudstone instead of genuine metamorphic rock, so choosing Brazilian slate can be a more cost-effective option if you desire the natural slate look.


Man Made Slate Roof Tiles

Our beautiful Cembrit Man Made slates are ideal for customers looking for a slate roof tile that is simple to install and provides an aesthetically pleasing look while also being great for those who have a more modest budget to redo their roof. This increasingly popular tile type can be an excellent choice for those hoping to boost their green credentials as man made tiles are 100% recyclable, while also achieving a high-end look and having the security of a strong, durable weather-proof roof.


Low Pitch Roof Slates

If you are looking for slate roof tiles for a low pitch roof, then we are pleased to offer the Britmet Lite Slate range and the Tapco Classic & Tapco Aledora ranges. These low pitch slate roofing system as a fantastic option which will perfectly replicate the look of natural slates without the cost.


Bat Access Slates

If you are hoping to achieve a beautiful slate roof look but also live in an area where you know that bats need to be able to get in and out, then our bat access slates will provide just what you need without ruining the aesthetic.


Our slate roof tile collection has something for everyone, and we are sure that by browsing through you will find the ideal tile for your project. Remember, we are on hand to help so if you have any questions about our slate roof tiles get in touch today!