Cement & Pre-mixed Mortar

About Roofing Supplies stock & supply Rugby & Quinn Mastercrete cement as well as Remix pre-mixed roof tile bedding mortar which is conveniently mixed in two colours for bedding verges and ridge on roofing projects.

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High- Quality  Suppliers of Cement & Pre Mixed Mortar

We are proud to be leading suppliers of cement and pre-mixed mortar. Our top-quality Cement & Pre-mixed Mortar is ideal for a range of building projects. Our cement demands less water, has a light colour, and is resistant to freeze/ thaw which could result in cracking.


Our suppliers are trustworthy and have been in the business for years, so whether you are looking for cement and mortar for an at-home building project or are a tradesperson looking for a reliable supplier, About Roofing can help.

Why Choose  Cement & Pre-Mixed Mortar?

Cement and mortar have a huge range of uses. Cement is a binding powder. It isn’t used as a standalone material but is mixed into both concrete and mortar and then used in buildings, roads, bridges and so much more - it’s the most used man-made material on the planet! Mortar is made up of cement, fine sands and lime; and commonly used as a binding material for bricks and stones.


What different products can you find in the  Cement & Pre-Mixed Mortar Range?

In our Cement & Pre-Mixed Mortar range you can find a range of products from our fantastic suppliers such as Mannock Mastergrade Cement, Remix 1:3 Roof Tile Bedding Mortar and a range of other mortar options, all pre-mixed for your convenience.

Save money on  Cement & Pre-Mixed Mortar

We offer some fantastic bulk buy discounts on our Cement & Pre-mixed Mortar saving you money, and our packaging is environmentally friendly too!.

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