Chesterfelt Type 1F Bitumen Underslaters Felt 15mtr x 1mtr

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Chesterfelt Type 1F Bitumen Underslaters Felt

Type 1F Underslating Felt has become instrumental in the increase of the bat population throughout the UK. Unlike other membranes, Type 1F felt does not snag once bats hang from it, meaning bats are free to move around without the fear of become stuck in the felt. If your roof is home to a roost, it is imperative you use type 1F felt.

This traditional roofing felt has a long history, manufactured for over 35 years and over 9 million m/2 successfully installed, using fibre bases saturated and coated in oxidised bitumen, which makes Type 1F the only bat safe felt on the market.

Conforms to BS747 type 1F used on standard cold roof construction with traditional ventilation and bat friendly.


  • Bituminous and hessian reinforced roofing membrane
  • Sanded finish
  • Bat safe
  • For ventilated cold pitched roofs