Play Sand for Sandpits & Playpits

We supply BS compliant play sand which is ideal for use in childrens play areas, under play equipment, sandpit play areas, athletic facilities, school jumping pits & sports areas.

High- Quality  Suppliers of Play Pit Sand for Sand Pits and Playpits

Our play pit sand is excellent quality, soft and safe to use for a number of projects. Whether you are building a sandpit in your garden or creating a children’s play area in a school or sporting arena.  We are pleased to offer two bag sizes so you can select the ideal amount for your project. Our play pit sand is washed multiple times and screened three times to ensure it is the safest and best quality on the marketplace.


Our play pit sand is natural silica sand-based loose impact absorbing surface (LIAS) suitable as an effective surface in play areas. It can also be used for the creation of play pits and indoor games areas, and where fall heights are lower.

Why Choose  Play Pit Sand From About Roofing?

We guarantee that we only source our products from the most trusted and reputable manufacturers and take pride in delivering the best quality products to our customers across all our ranges. This means you can feel confident that when you buy through us, you’ll receive a tried and tested product that’s excellent value.


What different products can you find in the  Play Pit Sand Range?

We offer play pit sand in bags of 15kg and a bulk size of 850 kg. So you can easily complete a smaller home-based project to a much larger-scale project for a school or other kind of recreation ground with ease. Our play pit sand is multi-washed making it the cleanest and safest sand to use and is also triple screened so you can rest assured you are buying the best quality sand when you buy through us,

Save money on  Play Pit sand for Sand Pits & Play Pits

Our play pit sand is of fantastic quality and great value for money. We offer some excellent discounts for bulk buying too, so the more you buy, the more you save!.

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