Dry Fix Ridge & Mechanical Fixings

We stock & supply Dry Fix Vented Roll Out Roof Ridge & Hip Kits which allow unobtrusive continuous ventilation of most concrete roof ridges. We also supply mechanical fixings for securing ridges & hips to comply with BS 5534.

Leading Suppliers of Dry Fix Roof Ridge, Hip Kits & Mechanical Ridge Fixings

About Roofing’s range of Dry Fix Roof Ridge, Hip Kits & Mechanical Ridge Fixings, offer our customers excellent variety and value. All products in our range are top quality and will provide proper roof ventilation as well as ensure compliance with BS 5534 standards which recommend dry fixing for ridge tiles. This ensures a higher standard of safety for building owners, more dependency for roofers and no more customer calls to fix common mortar problems. At About Roofing Supplies, we only source the best quality Dry Fix Roof Ridge, Hip Kits & Mechanical Ridge Fixings in the marketplace and work with trusted and reputable suppliers. So you can rest assured that when you buy through us, you will receive quality products that do just the job they are supposed to.


Dry Fix Roof Ridge systems require little to no maintenance and are designed to last the test of time. It is essentially a permanent fix for the life cycle of a roof and at About Roofing supplies, we are here to provide you with a quick and easy solution to your roofing needs. Let us inform you about the advantages of choosing Dry Ridge & Hip Kits over Mortar:

Why Buy Dry Fix Roof Ridge, Hip Kits & Mechanical Ridge Fixings?

With our Dry Fix Roof Ridge System, you are removing the need to use a messy, time-consuming mortar and by supplying products with the Mechanical Ridge Fixings method, that securely fixes the standard concrete ridge tiles of a roof, you are sure to be protected from wind up-lift and rain penetration. We stock Dry Ridge and Hip Kits systems suitable for ventilating concrete half round & angled ridge tiles, slate, flat concrete and profiled tiles. Our systems stay in place for the lifespan of the roof and are suitable for fitting in any weather without the need for special tools or experience.

What different products can you find in the Dry Fix Roof Ridge, Hip Kits & Mechanical Ridge Fixings Range?

Our products range from all-in-one roll-out kits such as the Manthorpe GDRR BL Dry Fix Vented Roll Out Roof Ridge Kit providing all the components required for a ridge run of approximately 6 metres in length and a self-adhesive butyl strip for a water and wind tight seal; to those additional pieces such as our Bag of Mechanical Fixings - supplying products for all your roofing needs. Due to the nature in which our systems are fitted, there is no need for mortar, making the job of fixing the ridge quick, easy and clean, as well as making it possible during frosts and other adverse weather conditions.


Make Great Savings on Our Low Cost Dry Fix Roof Ridge, Hip Kits & Mechanical Ridge Fixings

We are pleased to offer our customers great savings and excellent value on our Dry Fix Roof Ridge, Hip Kits & Mechanical Ridge Fixings to ensure our customers receive high-quality products at a low cost every time they buy through us.

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