Quotation Requests & Take Off Service

Where To Source Roofing Materials

At About Roofing Supplies we stock and supply a vast range of roofing materials with thousands of products being available either from stock or to order directly from all the leading manufacturers such as Sandtoft, BMI Redland, Marley, Klober, Manthorpe, Tyvek, Cromar, Oxyturbo, Cure It, Tudor Rood Tiles, Keymer, Chesterfelt, Brewer Cowls, Madcowls, Van Vault as well as lead roll for flashings, Velux Roof Windows, Easy Trim Roto windows, upvc fascias and soffit.

If you don't see the roofing supplies and materials that you need on this website, then please give us a call and we will try to source them for you or offer you an alternative.

To check pricing and the availability of roofing materials please call us on 01737 763008 or email us here for a free quotation.

How To Request A Quotation for Roofing Materials

We welcome the opportunity to provide quotations for roofing and building projects. Many customers call or email lists of their requirements, and we can then provide a priced quotation, with VAT clearly displayed, and costs such as delivery charges listed as a separate element giving our customers complete control over the pricing for their projects.

To receive a free quotation, please call us on 01737 763008 or email your list to us here for a free quotation.

How To Request A Roofing Materials Estimate From Roof Plans & Drawings

Unlike our competitors, not only can we carry out estimates - commonly known as 'take offs' - from drawings but we have also invested in a special printer to enable us to print drawings off at full size, enabling us to accurately estimate the materials need for each project.

We welcome the submission of plans and drawings for take offs - where possible we would prefer not to estimate from .pdf drawings as the compression process to reduce a full size drawing to a .pdf document results in inaccuracies in the measurements, which in turn has a negative effect on the accuracy of the estimates that we are able to carry out.

To submit your plans for estimation, please call us on 01737 763008 , email us here, or post them to us at the address below.

For further details regarding quotations and take offs, please visit the Quotations & Estimates section of our Terms & Conditions page.