Natural Slate Roof Tiles

We stock & supply quality spanish natural slate roof tiles & brazilian natural slate roof tiles in a wide range of sizes. Always popular, nothing beats natural slate for a fantastic looking, long lasting roof that will add value & character to any property.

Leading Supplier of Natural Slate Tiles

Our natural slate tiles come from Spain, Brazil, and Wales and are offered in a range of different sizes so you'll have no trouble finding the right slate roof tile for your project.

We are pleased to bring a wide range of top-quality natural tiles to the marketplace. Our customers will be delighted with the extensive selection. Whether you are a builder, project manager or developer or a homeowner, our durable, weather-resistant natural slate roof tiles are sure to impress.

If you have any questions about our natural slate tiles or need help choosing the best option for your unique project, simply get in touch with our expert roofing team. We'll be happy to chat about your specific requirements and ensure you select the best option for your needs.


Natural slate tiles are a popular choice primarily because of the stunning finish they give your home. If you are looking for a rustic, charming look that complements the exterior of the building, natural slate tiles with their elegant and timeless aesthetic will make an ideal choice.

Natural slates are also extremely hard wearing and will often easily outlive the rest of the building, remaining intact for centuries. Natural slate is also naturally fire-resistant and stands up well to adverse weather conditions, giving you peace of mind that you have selected a safe, long-lasting, and robust material to protect your home. They are particularly low maintenance too, and while it is essential to check your roof tiles regularly, they should mostly look after themselves.

Natural slates could even add value to your home, being one of the most sought-after looks giving the building an instant, authentic curb appeal.


At About Roofing, we always strive to offer the most comprehensive range of tiles to our customers. So whatever tile type you are looking for and whatever aesthetic you hope to achieve, we should have the perfect roof tile for you! Our natural slate tiles are expertly crafted and supplied to us from well-respected brands to assure you of their quality and longevity.

Whether you are looking for Brazilian Slate or Spanish Natural Slate, our pre holed slates come in a variety of sizes and shades for you to chose from. We also supply Copper Clout Slate Nails too.


We are proud to offer fantastic savings and discounted prices on our Natural Roofing Slates range, which provide a charming look for your home. For a personalised quote, get in touch with our friendly team today.

Our slate roof tiles are excellent value, and our customers can enjoy some exceptional discounts when they bulk buy from us too. We want all our customers to be able to afford the stunning roof they've always dreamt of, so we will do our best to offer the lowest prices around, while never compromising on the quality of our products.

If you have any questions about our natural slate roof tiles or any of the other products in our range, get in touch with a member of our professional customer roofing team today - we'd love to hear from you. You email us or phone for a chat or get in touch right away by using the chat box at the bottom right of this page.