Chimney Flues

We stock & supply a wide range of clay chimney flue terminals for fitting onto chimney pots to prevent drafts, encourage airflow, capping or simply to prevent birds from nesting! Our range , manufactured by W T Knowles includes Pepperpot Flue Vents & Clay Hood Top Flue Vents.


About Roofing provides homeowners, builders, and project managers with a wide variety of fantastic quality Chimney Flues available in different colours and styles. The chimney flues in our range have been selected for their innovative design and top quality materials, and are sourced from respected manufacturer, W T Knowles.

W T Knowles & Sons Ltd has been operating for over 100 years. Since 1906 they have been providing the marketplace with thoughtfully designed, aesthetically pleasing chimney flues that can add flourish to your home while simultaneously helping to ensure your chimney operates as efficiently and effectively as possible.


While historically, if a person referred to a flue, they would probably be talking about the chimney itself. These days, however, when people speak of a chimney flue, they mean the duct, pipe, or opening within the chimney itself. The purpose of the flue is to help ensure gases from a heating appliance or fireplace are directed and extracted out of the home, preventing smoke damage and potentially harmful chemicals entering.


The kind of chimney flue best suited to your home will depend on the size and design of the chimney. Typically, chimney flues fall into three categories:

Traditional Chimneys - Class 1

These can mostly be located on older properties being brick chimneys built to allow an open fire to be lit underneath. Generally, if you have a Class 1 chimney, you can have any type of heating appliance installed. However, a chimney liner may be necessary to ensure that no fumes or tar seep into the walls or enter the rooms of the property.

Prefabricated Flues - Class 2

If you have an older property that has been previously fitted with a steel flue liner, it may be classed as a prefabricated flue. The same would apply to a newer building, which also had a steel flue built into the chimney. It will be easy to tell if your home has this type as there will be a metal cowl visible on the roof.

A pre-fabricated flue permits electric, gas, and gel fireplaces, but solid fuel fires are not allowed with this chimney type.

Pre-cast flues

Newer properties are most likely to have a pre-cast flue. The main difference is that these structures are a lot shallower and made from concrete. A small ridge vent should be visible from the roof to help homeowners identify if this is the case. For homes with pre-cast flues, only electric or cast 2 fire are safe options.

It is still possible to have a fireplace if there is no chimney in your home. Electric fires, clueless gas fires, and balanced flue gas fires could all be options for those who don’t have a chimney in their property, though added power sources and ventilation may be required.


We are pleased to provide several fantastic designs for your chimney flue, all of which are stylish and effective and sure to add curb appeal to your home.

In our range you can find:


If you are looking for the best quality and most aesthetically pleasing chimney flues at excellent prices, you’ll be delighted with the About Roofing collection. The chimney flues in our range are excellent value, robust and practical too.

We know that choosing the right chimney flue is important, and because some can only be used for certain fire types, if you are uncertain which one to choose, then our friendly team is on hand to help. If you have any questions about our products or need further information or advice, just get in touch by phone +44(0) 1737 948888, or email (, or you can get chatting to us right now by using the chat box at the bottom right of this page! A member of our team is waiting to help you!