Undercloak, Eaves Trays & Comb Filler

Fibre Cement Undercloak is used on roof verges to support a bed of mortar & allow mortar adhesion. Eaves Trays prevent ponding of water behind the fascia where underlay can sag between the rafters, whilst Comb Filler stops birds & insects from entering the roof void.

Leading Suppliers of Undercloak, Eaves Trays & Comb Filler

Our Undercloak, Eaves Trays and Comb Filler are all easy to work with, durable and will help to ensure that your roof is secure and safe and requires less maintenance going forwards. We are pleased to offer a range of top quality Undercloak, Eaves Trays and Comb Fillers , all of which will ensure that your roof remains in the best condition and can help save you money in the long term.

Our suppliers are all selected by our expert team, and so you can rest assured that when you buy through About Roofing, you receive only the very best products on the market. We are proud to supply a wide range of products to strengthen and better secure your roof, so you will certainly find what you require to keep your building safe and protected.

Why Buy Undercloak, Eaves Trays & Comb Filler?

Our undercloak is a fibre cement strip that’s been autoclaved to enhance moisture resistance, and increase strength. It also meets the fire performance requirements of BS 476:1989 part 6 and BS476:1997 part 7.

Our Eaves Comb Filler creates a useful barrier that will prevent birds and large insects from being able to get into the gaps between the felt and tiles.

Eaves Underlay Support Trays help to stop the roofing underlay becoming exposed at the eaves. If exposure does occur this can damage the underlay. The Underlay Support Tray is rigid and robust which thus prevents ponding behind the back of the fascia board.

What different products can you find in the Leading Suppliers of Undercloak, Eaves Trays & Comb Filler Range?

Customers will be pleased to discover top quality Eaves Underfelt Roofing Felt Support Trays in different sizes and bundle packs. Our Fibre Cement Undercloak Soffit Strip also comes in varying thickness depending on your specific requirements.

Make Great Savings on Leading Suppliers of Undercloak, Eaves Trays & Comb Filler

We always strive to offer our customers the very best experience and therefore are pleased to offer great prices on all the products in our range and our team of friendly experts are always on hand to answer any questions about which products are most suitable for your project.

So, whether you are working on a new building project, or require these products for a renovation, the top quality, effective range from About Roofing can help.

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