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Felt Shingles are a very popular choice for garden buildings of all kinds. We supply heavy duty Canadian & Russian Felt Shingles in a wide range of colours & Eastern White Cedar Roofing Shingles imported from Canada where they withstand far worse weather than they are likely to face in the UK!

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Our Roofing Shingles are ideal for a variety of garden buildings such as workshops, summerhouses, and sheds. Roofing Shingles are extremely easy to lay, and we supply all the tools and materials you need to make this job hassle-free!

In the About Roofing range, you can discover several different types of roof shingles for your latest project, and we are proud to bring you shingles from some of the leading brands, at fantastic prices too.


Roof shingles are sections of heavy duty roofing felt that are used on pitched roofs to help create a watertight and weather-resistant seal. The shingles are placed so that they overlap one another, which helps to ensure no water can permeate.

Roof shingles come in a number of different materials such as felt, wood, and metal, and are suitable for a range of projects. There are also many different shapes, designs, and colours available to help builders, project managers and homeowners make the best choice depending on what they need the shingles for, as well as their personal taste and desired finish.


There are various applications that roof shingles are used for with the main aim being to prevent rain from leaking into the building, as well as to ensure that the roof is lightweight and weatherproof.

The benefits of roof shingles include:

  • Low cost - if you are looking for an excellent value fix to ensure a roof stays both leakproof and weatherproof, roofing shingles could well be the answer. They are one of the most affordable forms of roofing and are fantastic value for money as, contrary to popular belief, they should last for several decades before they need replacing too.
  • Versatile - While the majority of people use roofing shingles on smaller buildings such as outbuildings, garages, and sheds, they are an extremely versatile product and can be used for more extensive building work such as on offices and houses too.
  • Easy and quick to use - the process to install shingles on a roof is simple, straightforward, and hassle-free. This makes them attractive to seasoned builders and novice DIY-ers alike! You don’t need to be a professional to work with roof shingles, and many homeowners or those with smaller projects in mind prefer to do the work themselves, saving even more expense.
  • Suitable for both temporary and permanent roofs - whether you just need a quick fix while working on a building project or are looking for a permanent solution, roof shingles can do the job either way.
  • Aesthetically pleasing - because of the overlapping way the roof shingles are placed on the roof, the finished effect is smart and uniform. With different materials, designs, and colours to choose from, there is lots of scope for everyone to find a style that suits their tastes too.


Cedar roof shingles and fixings

About Roofing Supplies are pleased to offer excellent quality and great value Western Red cedar roofing shingles which have been imported from Canada. Canada is known for its cedar shingle production, having been in the business of doing so for over 100 years.

Cedar shingles are also known as shed roof shingles - as this is the most popular use for them. However they are also an excellent option for any lower-pitched roof, and because of their green credentials, those looking to minimise their carbon footprint will also be pleased with cedar roof shingles as a choice. They are created from waste products at mills and supplied from sustainable sources.

Our Western Red cedar roofing shingles give an attractive reddish/brown tint to the roof which creates a natural and pleasing aesthetic. Alternatively, it is possible to change the shade of the shingles by painting them - this should only be done around six months after creating the roof.


Felt roof shingles and fixings

About Roofing Supplies are delighted to supply Russian bitumen roofing shingles & British Shed Felt both of which are excellent quality, durable products that are installed with ease. Our felt shingles are attractive for those who are looking to restore the roofs of various low pitched outbuildings including sheds and summerhouses, workshops, chalets, and pergolas.

To create a felt shingle roof, the shingles need to be affixed onto a wooden surface, making this a quick and easy job even for those with no prior knowledge or experience. Once completed, you can enjoy a weatherproof roof that will remain effective for many years to come.


Shed felt and Bitumen roof shingles

About Roofing Supplies stock & supply a wide range of Russian bitumen felt roofing shingles & British made Shed Felt which are easy to lay with the minimum of skill and are the ideal choice for garden buildings of all kinds.



We offer three attractive styles of Roofing Shingles, all of which are fantastic value for money without ever compromising on quality.

Above we have discussed the types of projects that roof shingles work well for, giving you all the information you need to make the best choice. However, if you need to get in touch with our team at any point to discuss your needs, or if you have any questions or would like further advice you can call our team on +44(0) 1737 763008, or you can contact us via email (, or for an immediate response, use the chat box at the bottom right of this page.

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