Lead Dressing & Working Tools

We stock & supply professional quality, robust Lead Dressing Tools manufactured to give a long service life. We also supply Oxyturbo Turbo Set 90 Lead Welding Kits specially designed for lead burning & welding.

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Leading Suppliers of Lead Working & Lead Dressing Tools

At About Roofing, we have a range of Lead Dressing Tools provided by the UK’s leading and most trustworthy suppliers of roofing and building resources. We only work with reputable brands and ensure that we can provide our customers with what they need.

Why Purchase our Lead Working & Dressing Tools?

Our brands of Lead Working Tools are designed to shape and form many different sheets, whilst our bossing tools aid in forming details and general roofing and building applications. Whether you’re shopping for Working Tools, Welding Kits or Lead Dressing Tools, we provide quality, long-lasting equipment that pays for itself in time saved. We pride ourselves on stocking the perfect supplies for roofers and professionals for a very reasonable price.


Products You Can Find in Our Lead Working & Dressing Tools Range

Our professional-quality Lead Dressing Tools are built to last for years. We offer a range of tools specifically designed to assist with the application of lead on roofs, as well as welding and burning. The Kwik Flash Lead Turn In Setting Tool is a time-saving must-have for making roofing flashings of all kinds by automatically setting the turn in depth in zinc & lead. Experience the 5 Piece Lead Dressing Tool set - perfect for roofers that are a heavyweight, extremely high-quality, set of tools for an amazing price! With Mallets, Lead Working Tools, Oxyturbo Kits and other roofing essentials, we have everything you need.

Make Savings on Our Lead Working & Lead Dressing Tools

All the tools in our Lead Working & Dressing Tools range are of excellent value. We always strive to provide our customers with the very best prices, saving them money on their building projects wherever possible.

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