Low pitch roofs are generally considered to be those below 22.5 degrees, and above 10 degrees.

There are a number of roof tiles available that are suitable for installation on low pitch roofs.

Concrete interlocking roof tiles such as Sandtoft Double Romans and Sandtoft Calderdales are the most popular concrete options, with the Imerys HP10Imerys HP20 and Sandtoft 20/20s being the most popular clay options.

Alternatively, another solution to the challenge of which roof tiles to use at low pitches is to use Klober Permo Extreme breathable membrane instead of standard breathable membrane.

Klober Permo Extreme breathable membrane enables the use of roof tiles down to pitches as low as 12.5 degrees (depending on the roof tiles being laid). This is a very popular option, indeed the only viable solution, where an exact match to the existing roof tiles on the main roof is essential, such as clay handmade tiles where the minimum roof pitch that the tiles can be installed at, being 35 degrees typically, precludes their use normally at such low pitches.

It is worth noting that the rafter length of a low pitch roof can have a bearing on whether particular tiles, even if they are suitable for that particular pitch, can be used.