Sandtoft Calderdale Edge Flat Profile Concrete Roof Tiles

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Sandtoft Calderdale Edge Flat Profile Concrete Roof Tiles

The new Sandtoft Calderdale Edge is the modern, re-engineered successor to traditional metric roof tiles such as the Sandtoft Calderdale.

Using less material than its predecessor (5kg lighter over a square metre), it is both bigger and stronger with a thinner interlocking design that improves performance with a modern large format aesthetic.

Please note that Calderdale Edge is not compatible with the original Calderdale Traditional tile.



  • Quantity per pallet: 204
  • Band quantity: 34
  • Material: Concrete
  • Tile nails: 50 x 3.35 mm aluminium ring shank clout head


  • Weight as laid: 50.5 kg per m/2 (100m headlap) / 46.5 kg per m/2 (75mm headlap)
  • Weight per 1000: 5.098 tonnes
  • Weight per tile: 4.95 kg


  • Minimum pitch: 16.5 degrees at 100 mm headlap / 22.5 degrees at 75 mm headlap
  • Maximum pitch: 90 degrees
  • Headlap: 75 mm (minimum) / 120 mm (maximum)


  • Covering capacity at maximum gauge: 10.2 tiles per m/2 (100mm headlap) / 9.4 tiles per m/2 (75mm headlap)
  • Cover width: 307 mm
  • Profile depth: 28 mm
  • Hanging length: 405 mm

Batten & Gauge

  • Maximum batten gauge: 345 mm
  • Minimum batten gauge: 300 mm
  • Battens per m2: 3.1 linear metres at 100mm headlap / 2.9 linear metres at 75mm headlap
  • Batten size: up to 450 mm rafter centres 38 x 25mm
  • Batten size: up to 600 mm rafter centres 50 x 25mm

Tile Size

  • Size of tile: 420 mm x 334 mm


  • Quick and easy to lay
  • Can be used at a low minimum pitch of only 16.5 degrees when laid with a 100mm head lap
  • Narrow 28mm profile improves appearance on low pitch roofs
  • Single nail hole for quick fixing and a more defined nib, allowing for both easier hanging and stacking.