NEW PRODUCT: Cedral Lap Cladding

NEW PRODUCT: Cedral Lap Cladding

About Roofing Supplies are now proud stockists and suppliers of Cedral Lap cladding.

Cedral Lap Cladding is a weatherboard system that replaces the use of traditional timber weatherboards. Cedral cladding is a fibre cement system which is designed to give a traditional look, whilst imploring a long lifespan.

Don't be fooled by Cedrals fibre cement composition, the cladding boards are extremely durable when installed correctly. Cedral cladding requires a 10mm ventilation gap at both the top and bottom course of cladding, allowing for a constant air flow, therefore preserving the quality of the cladding boards. 

Cedral cladding is coated with a UV resistant paint during production, protecting the boards from discoloring, as well as being resistant to rot. This results in Cedral cladding requiring no extra maintenance upon installation.

Cedral Cladding is BS approved and acheives the highest level fire resistance available. The product is non flammable as well as recieving the highest level of non smoke generation. You can rest easy knowing that this product is among the safeist options for your home. 


The boards are produced with a woodgrain effect to complement traditional timber cladding.


We have all the trims that you require to correctly install Cedral Lap cladding in stock and ready to despatch.