How to weld lead with an Oxyturbo Turbo Set 90 Lead Welding Kit

How to weld lead with an Oxyturbo Turbo Set 90 Lead Welding Kit


When welding with an Oxyturbo Turbo Set 90 lead welding kit always work methodically: before starting a weld ensure that the parent metal in the weld area is cleaned and free from grease, oil, paint, rust and scale.

Make sure that you have a good supply of Oxcyturbo gas and Oxyturbo oxygen bottles, filler metals and welding flux suitable for the job. Before applying heat to the parts, make sure that they are properly positioned and remain in the correct alignment.

Before using the kit, select the correct nozzle from the five supplied with the kit. These nozzles will determine the thickness of your flame, varying from a size 63 nozzle to a size 225 nozzle.

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How to create different flames

The power of the flame is measured according to the number of litres of combustible gas and oxygen consumed per minute with a duly regulated flame.

Low pressure gives a short flame cone, which may cause a lack of weld penetration and fusion, and it can also cause frequent back firing.

On the other hand, if the pressure is too high this can give a long flame cone and cause overheating and a lack of control of the molten metal.

Making sure you have suffient oxygen and gas is imperative. You can view our replacement Oxyturbo oxygen bottles and our replacement Oxyturbo gas bottles 

Three different types of flame can be made using varying proportions of gas and oxygen:

1- The carburizing flame: this is a flame in which excess gas is burning, i.e. combustion is incomplete and unconsumed carbon is present. This kind of flame is poor for welding steel as unconsumed carbon could be introduced to the weld which will create a hard, embrittled weld.

2- The neutral flame: This occurs when the oxygen supply to the torch is increased, the flame size contracts and the white cone becomes more clearly defined, taking on a precise rounded shape. At this stage approx. equal quantities of fuel gas and oxygen are being used and combustion is complete. The flame is now neutral and this type of flame is one of the most extensively used for welding.

3- The oxidising flame: A further increase in oxygen will produce the oxidising flame, in which there are is more oxygen than is required for complete combustion. in this case excessive sparking will occur.

Note: A back fire can often occur if:

  • the gas pressure is too low
  • you inadvertently touch the plate or weld pool
  • you have a loose nozzle
  • you allow over heating
  • a metal particle gets into the nozzle.

Oxyturbo Turbo Set 90 lead welding kit are manufactured by Oxyturbo in Italy. 

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Where can I find Oxyturbo Set 90 Kits near me?

You can view and order Oxyturbo Set 90 Kit, as well as our replacement oxygen and gas bottles in any of our branches listed below or we can deliver nationwide:

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