How To Work On Your Roof Safely In The Sun

How To Work On Your Roof Safely In The Sun

The summer can be a busy time for roofers as the dryer weather conditions mean that more people book in work to have their roofs repaired or replaced. It’s also the time when many homeowners start DIY repairs and other roofing projects. With this in mind, it is important that roof work safely in the sun is a big priority!

Working for long hours exposed to the blazing sun can lead to numerous problems such as dehydration, sunburn, heat stress, increased tiredness, and lack of concentration that could affect the quality of the work and increase chances of a severe accident too.

Exposure to too much sunlight can result in sunburn, blistering, and increased risk of skin cancer, one of the most prevalent forms of cancer in the United Kingdom. Therefore taking proper precautions to stay safe when working outdoors in hot weather is essential.

So how can you ensure you protect yourself from the sun when working on your roof?

Keep hydrated

Dehydration can be very severe. Dehydration signs include feeling thirsty, feeling tired, not urinating as frequently as usual, a headache, muscle cramps, feeling dizzy, rapid breathing, fainting, and confusion. When working on a roof, the last thing you want is to feel ill, dizzy, or to faint. Therefore it is imperative that roof work safety in the sun is top of your list. It is important to pay attention to how much water you drink when working out in the sun for long hours. Waiting until you are thirsty may be too late. Drinking water every 15-20 minutes will ensure you keep your fluid levels up and decrease the risk of dehydration.

Steer clear of caffeine

We know how refreshing a good cuppa can be when taking a break from working. However, try to limit your caffeine or, better still, avoid it altogether when working on your roof in the sun. Caffeine in excess can cause dehydration regardless of whether it’s in your tea or coffee or a can of coke or an energy drink. If you think you need caffeine to give you energy, try to eat energising foods and drink lots of water to keep your body working its best.

Dress for the weather

Light coloured fabrics will deflect the sun away, whereas darker coloured clothing will absorb the rays and make you feel hotter. Loose, comfortable, and breathable garments will help you work freely and efficiently and keep your body temperature down. Longer sleeves and trousers over shorts may be wiser options in the sun as they will leave less of your skin exposed and reduce the chances of sunburn. Wearing a hat will also protect your head from the heat.

Regularly apply suncream

Apply a high factor sun cream to any areas of your skin that will be exposed to the sun. An SPF of at least 30 is recommended, but the higher, the better! It would help if you reapply sun cream every few hours. Try to check that your sunscreen has a UVA of at least four stars and that it is well within its use-by date too.

Eat well

A heavy lunch full of high fat and salty foods can actually make you feel more lethargic, and as your body works hard to break it down, you’ll create more metabolic heat. Small, regular, nutritious meals throughout the day will keep your energy up while giving your body the chance to digest everything easily.

Take breaks in the shade

A roof can be a particularly dangerous place when it comes to too much sun exposure as dark tiles can absorb heat, and there are no places in the shade. Because of this, it is important to take regular breaks when working and sit in a shady area, inside or away from the sun, to give your body a break. If any tasks could be completed out of the sun, make sure you do them in a covered area to minimize the time spent exposed to the sun’s rays.

Pace yourself

While you might be keen to get your project finished as quickly as possible, it is good to try to pace yourself and work slowly, methodically and steadily. Pushing yourself will only make the likelihood of something going wrong increase. Know your limits, familiarise yourself with the signs of dehydration and other heat-related issues, and stop if you feel unwell. Doing so will allow you to complete your roofing project safely.

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