How can I stop birds from nesting in my roof?

How can I stop birds from nesting in my roof?

Three ways to prevent birds from nesting in your roof

As the countryside has been built on, and our national (and indeed global) landscape has become increasingly urbanised, many species of wildlife have been displaced.

The most numerous of these are birds, and being amongst the most adaptable and intelligent of creatures they have found places to live and nest in the built environment - often in the structure of houses, and usually in the roof area.

Some view the colonisation of their properties by birds as a positive thing, others see it as a nuisance and seek to prevent the birds living and / or nesting in the roof space.

Broadly, birds enter the roof in one of two areas: the chimney or underneath the roof tiles in the eaves: There are easily installed, economical solutions to both situations!


Birdguard cowls are supplied with a bracket that easily clips around the chimney pot, allowing the chimney to continue to be used, but preventing the entry of birds. These are available in either Terracotta or Buff finishes over a durable metal body and are weather resistant as well as bird resistant and will have no effect on the performance of the chimney - if it is in use.

Birdguards also act as chimney caps limiting the effects of wind and weather down the chimney. Easy to fit and inexpensive, these are an extremely popular solution to birds nesting in the chimney or entering properties down the chimney. Find out more about our range of chimney birdguards.

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Chimney Caps

If the chimney is not in use, a discreet and popular alternative to Birdguards are Chimney Caps.

These allow the chimney to 'breathe' (preventing the build up of damp, whilst keeping rain, drafts and birds out.

These are the most cost effective solution, and either clip inside the chimney pot, using the integral four flexible wire legs pre-fitted to the cap, or clip around the chimney pot using the supplied bracket.

Chimney caps are so quick to fit that roofers often joke - quite correctly! - that it takes longer to pitch the ladder and climb it, than it does to fit the actual Chimney Cap! Find out more about our range of chimney caps.

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Comb Filler

Small birds in particular, such as House Sparrows and Starlings, often enter the roof space through gaps between the roof tiles and the bargeboard or fascia.

Double Roman and similar profiled 'wavy' tiles are particularly prone to this. The solution is to fit Comb Filler which is easily fitted by removing the eaves course of the roof tiles and then nailing the comb filler along the top of the bargeboard, before re-laying the tiles. Easily fitted, these 1 metre strips are simply nailed into place. Find out further details on our range of comb filler.

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