Redland Mockbond Mini Stonewold Flat Profile Concrete Roof Tiles

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Redland Mockbond Mini Stonewold Flat Profile Concrete Roof Tiles

Redland Mockbond Mini Stonewolds are an economically priced, concrete flat profile roof tile, with a dummy bond line down its centre line to create the impression of two small tiles - similar to plain tiles in appearance.

These tiles have an interlocking edge, ensuring quick and simple construction, reducing the laid cost of the roof.

Able to be installed on roofs with a low pitch of 17.5 degrees and available in a wide range of colours, the Redland Mini Stonewold is an economical, ever popular choice for new build and renovation projects as well as for extensions.


Pallet Quantity

  • Tiles per Pallet: 216
  • Tiles per Pack: 36


  • Laid Weight:: 52 kg/m2 at 318 mm gauge approx / 49 kg/m2 at 343 mm gauge approx
  • Weight per 1000 tiles: 5.10 tonnes approx
  • Weight per Pallet: 1.12 tonnes approx

Minimum & Maximum Roof Pitch & Headlap

  • Minimum Pitch & Headlap: 17.5 degrees at 100 mm headlap / 22.5 degrees at 75 mm headlap
  • Hanging Length: 397 mm approx
  • Maximum Headlap: 125 mm
  • Maximum Pitch: 90 degrees subject to fixing specification


  • Linear Cover of 1 Slate: 294 mm
  • Covering Capacity (net): 10.7 slates/m2 at 318 mm gauge / 9.9 slates/m2 at 343 mm gauge


  • Battens Required: 3.15 m/m2 at 318 mm gauge / 2.92 m/m2 at 343 mm gauge
  • Batten Size: 38 x 25 mm rafter centres up to 450 mm / 50 x 25 mm rafter centres up to 600 mm
  • Nail Size: 50mm x 3.35mm

Tile Size

  • 418 mm x 334 mm
  • Tile Thickness: 31 mm
  • Hanging Length: 397 mm approx


  • Minimum Gauge: 293 mm
  • Maximum Gauge: 318 mm below 22.5 degrees
  • Maximum Gauge: 343 mm at 22.5 degrees and over


  • Redland Mini Stonewold Roof Tiles have been rigorously tested in a wind tunnel where combinations of high wind and driving rain are used to determine the tile performance with respect to wind loading and weathertightness.


  • Redland Mini Stonewold Roof Tiles meet all the requirements of BS 5534: 2014 Code of practice for slating & tiling (providing Redland fixing recommendations are complied with) & BS EN 490: 2011 Concrete roofing tiles and fittings for roof covering & wall


  • Concrete


  • Quickly & easily laid
  • Suitable for roof pitches as low as 17.5 degrees
  • Popular contemporary design
  • Creates the impression of two small plain tiles when laid.


  • Redland Mockbond Mini Stonewold Slates must be laid broken bonded, normally from right to left, with a ¾ tile offset.
  • The eaves course on a gable roof must contain a ¾ tile, ½ tile or ¼ tile.
  • Never start and finish a course with a whole tile.
  • If a ¼ tile provides the best fit this must be created using a ½ tile and ¾ tile.
  • Left hand and right hand ¾ width tiles must be cut on site from full tiles.
  • At side abutments, allow for cover flashing and secret gutter.
  • The minimum pitches are based on a maximum rafter length of 10 metres.