Redland 49 15 x 9 Concrete Interlocking Roof Tiles

Redland 49 15 x 9 Concrete Interlocking Roof Tiles

Product Code REDLC49
Material Clay



Redland 49 15 x 9 Concrete Interlocking Roof Tiles

Redland 49 concrete interlocking roof tiles have defined the roofscapes of London and the South East for over half a century, with its unique camber adding both strength and aesthetic appeal.

Originally designed as a solution to the massive demand for roof tiles following the Second World War: There was an urgent need for an economical roof tile that was light, quick and easy to lay, and so the Redland 49 was produced.

Over 60 years later it is still one of the best selling roof tiles available - and for all the reasons that it was originally designed!

The Redland 49 Roof Tiles are an extremely economical choice of roofing material, with a small format offering a light weight and a tile that is easy to handle and install.


Pallet Quantity

  • Tiles per Pallet: 336
  • Supplied in bands of 42


  • Laid Weight: 53 kg/m2 at 282 mm gauge / 49 kg/m2 at 307mm gauge
  • Weight per 1000 Tiles: 3.12 tonnes approx
  • Weight per Pallet: 1.42 tonnes approx
  • Weight per Tile: 3.12kg

Minimum Roof Pitch & Headlap

  • Minimum Pitch & Headlap: Smooth: 17.5 degrees at 100mm headlap / 25 degrees at 75mm headlap
  • Granular: 22.5 degrees at 100mm headlap / 30 degrees at 75mm headlap
  • Max Pitch: 90 degrees subject to fixing spec
  • Max Headlap: 125 mm


  • Covering Capacity: 17.8 tiles/m2 at 282mm gauge / 16.3 tiles/m2 at 307 mm gauge
  • Hanging Length: 360 mm approx
  • Linear Cover of 1 Tile: 200 mm


  • Battens Required: 3.56 linear m/m2 at 282 mm gauge / 3.26 m/m2 at 307mm gauge
  • Batten Size: 38 mm x 25 mm: rafter centres up to 450 mm / 50 mm x 25mm: rafter centres up to 600 mm
  • Nail Size: 50mm x 3 mm

Tile Size

  • Size: 382 mm x 226 mm


  • Minimum Gauge: 257 mm
  • Maximum Gauge: Smooth: 282mm below 25 degrees / 307mm at 25 degrees or above
  • Granular: 282mm below 30 degrees / 307mm at 30 degrees or above


  • Redland 49 Tiles have been rigorously tested in a wind tunnel where combinations of high wind and driving rain are used to determine the tile performance with respect to wind loading and weathertightness.


  • Redland 49 Tiles meet all the requirements of BS 5534: 2014 Code of practice for slating & tiling (providing Redland fixing recommendations are complied with) & BS EN 490: 2011 Concrete roofing tiles and fittings for roof covering & wall cladding


  • Concrete

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  • Economical
  • Suitable for roof pitches as low as 17.5 degrees (Smooth finish only)
  • Enduringly popular
  • Clean, unobtrusive design
  • Lightweight

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