Manthorpe GTV AD Roof Tile Vent Adaptor For Extractor Fans

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Manthorpe GTV AD Roof Tile Vent Adaptor For Extractor Fans

The Manthorpe range of inline tile ventilators can also be used as outlet terminals for extraction fans and soil pipe ventilation when used in conjunction with a Manthorpe GTV AD Flexi Pipe Adaptor and one of the range of GRPA Flexible Pipes.

This will convert the rectangular vent outlet to a standard 4 inch diameter pipe opening, which can be connected directly to the outlet of a soil stack or to a extractor fan



  • Free airflow: 8,800m square metres
  • Vent Tile Connector Size: 239mm x 54mm
  • Outlet Size: 110mm x 49mm
  • Overall Height: 143mm


  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Colour: Black
  • Manufacturing Process: Injection Moulded


  • Quick and easy installation
  • Converts vent outlet onto a standard 4 inch pipe
  • Adaptor securely clips to the vent outlet
  • No need to cut battens
  • Connects to range of flexible pipe extensions
  • Suitable for mechanical extraction fans
  • Suitable for soil pipe ventilation
  • Manufacturers Part No: GTV AD



1: Before installing the tile ventilator, align the rectangular opening of the GTVAD with the outlet of the tile vent
2: Firmly push the GTVAD over the outlet, ensuring the clip feature slots inside the adaptor, until it reaches the stops on the vent tiles base moulding
3: At this point the clip should locate itself over the internal ledge of the GTVAD to lock it in position
4: With the adaptor connected, the tile vent can be installed as usual, making sure the adaptor is carefully fed through the opening in the felt into the roof space
From inside of the roof space, connect one of the Manthorpe Flexi Pipes directly to the outlet of the adaptor, GTVAD
Push the pipe end securely over the outlet and secure in place with the supplied jubilee clip
6: To connect the GRPA range of flexible pipes to an extraction fan terminal or soil stack, feed the end inside the desired outlet pipe
To form an air or fully water tight seal to soil stacks it may be necessary to apply an additional jubilee clip (not supplied), mastic sealant or to tape the joint