How To Use An Oxyturbo Turbo Set 90 Lead Welding Kit

How To Use An Oxyturbo Turbo Set 90 Lead Welding Kit

Read our handy guide below for instructions on how to set up, use, maintain and store an Oxyturbo Turbo Set 90 lead welding kit

The instructions below include important safety guidelines which must be followed when using these kits.

Setting the Oxyturbo Turbo Set 90 kit up

  • Fit the two cylinder brackets onto the trolley for bottles in correspondence with the relevant cylinder of the gas cartridge.
  • Insert the cylinders into their housing passing the valves through the hole in the brackets.
  • Lock the brackets by manually tightening the wing nuts on the screws.
  • Make sure that the knobs on the Mignon reducers and on the gas tap and on the torch are closed. (Mignon: rotate towards the - symbol; for gas tap: turn towards the + symbol).
  • Manually tighten the oxygen and gas reducers and the gas tap on the relative cylinders and cartridge without forcing excessively, making sure there are no leaks.


  • Cylinder replacement and insertion operations must always be performed in a well ventilated area, preferably outdoors, away from flammable materials or substances and incandescent heat sources (such as naked flames, lit cigarettes, hot plates, etc.) and away from persons, children and animals.
  • Make sure the cylinder is empty before replacing it. Do not be fooled by weight of the oxygen cylinder, which is similar even when the cylinder is empty.
  • Do not use the Turbo Set if there is evidence of damage to cylinder, cartridges, reducers, taps, pipes or handgrip.
  • Do not use the kit if the sealing gaskets are damaged or have been lost.

Turning the oxyturbo Turbo Set 90 kit on

  • Make sure the adjusting knobs of the torch are closed.
  • Open the oxygen pressure reducer Mignon and the gas Mignon/valve.
  • Open the adjusting knob for gas on the torch.
  • Use the included lighter, to ignite the gas, paying attention to the flame stuck to the soldering nozzle. If the flame tends to come off the nozzle, close a little the gas valve.
  • Open the adjusting knob for oxygen on the torch to obtain a sparkling flame.
  • Adjust the flame operating on the adjusting knobs to a blue dart shaped flame.

Turning the Oxyturbo Turbo Set 90 kit off

  • Close the gas cartridge pressure reducer/valve.
  • Close the oxygen pressure reducer.
  • Let the flame extinguish till the hoses are empty.
  • Close the knobs on the nozzle.


  • Always use the kits with cylinders in a vertical position or the gas liquid phase could damage the hoses.
  • Do not work in enclosed areas.
  • It is absolutely prohibited to grease any part of the kit.
  • The Turbo Set should never be left unattended when powered.
  • Do not put down the lit torch.
  • Work on a non-inflammable base.
  • During welding works always wear goggles and gauntlets.
  • Do not use grease or oil on the parts in contact with oxygen.
  • Wear clothes suitable to the type of work to be accomplished and do not wear dirty clothes with grease.
  • Avoid breathing in welding fumes.
  • Immediately replace the hoses with connections in case of abrasions, deterioration or other imperfections.
  • Avoid torsions, tears and overheating of the hoses
  • During use, Turbo Set can reach high temperatures: Do not touch.
  • After switching off, let the pipes empty and allow to cool before storing in a safe place
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • It is dangerous to use damaged or incorrectly functioning equipment.
  • In case of gas delivery problems, check if there is gas in the cylinder and in the cartridge. If so, the problems could be resolved by cleaning the nozzle.
  • Carrying out any operations other than those indicated in the manual is STRONGLY PROHIBITED.


  • If the Turbo Set is not be used for a long period of time or in case of transport by vehicle, unscrew the cylinders from the respective oxygen reducer and gas reducer/tap, avoiding the possibility of small and almost imperceptible leaks.
  • The cylinders are equipped with guaranteed tightness valves
  • Put away the Turbo Set in protective packaging (if possible in the original box) and keep it in a cool, dry and well ventilated place.


For Turbo Sets with cylinders inserted:

  • Store and transport with the cylinders in a vertical position, NEVER lying on their side.
  • Protect from sunlight and from bad weather.
  • Do not expose to temperatures higher than 50 degrees c.
  • Keep out of the reach of children.


  • Do not carry out maintenance or repairs, other than the following.
  • Use only original OXYTURBO spare parts and accessories
  • In case of failures which cannot be repaired, take your Turbo Set back to the retailer.

Gas Leaks

  • If your appliance leaks gas (gas smell) take it outdoors immediately to a well ventilated area, away from inflammable sources where the seal can be checked.

Nozzle changing and cleaning

  • Unscrew the nozzle with the multipurpose wrench.
  • Clean the nozzle blowing into the hole with compressed air.
  • Screw the chosen nozzle on the lance.
  • Check the seal.


  • Execute this intervention when the nozzle is cold.
  • Do not use needles or pins to clean the nozzle, because any damage you may cause to the appliance could make the Turbo Set dangerous.
  • If the blockage cannot be removed, substitute the nozzle.

Instructions for disposal

  • Dispose of the different kit components in accordance with local regulations.

For further details you can visit the Oxyturbo website.