How About Roofing Supplies are addressing climate change

How About Roofing Supplies are addressing climate change

The impact of climate change on the world has been undeniable over the last decade, and although to date in the UK we have not been impacted as severely as many other countries and areas such as Australia, the United States, South East Asia and North Africa, we are affected and are certainly aware that we need to take responsibility at a national, corporate and individual level for the impact of our behaviour, both personal and professional, upon our fragile planet.

As a business, operating a fleet of delivery vehicles we are conscious that we have a responsibility to limit and mitigate our impact upon the planet as much as possible. To be frank, we have taken a long, hard look at ourselves as, with a delivery fleet of 10 vehicles, a fleet of company cars, 4 branches and an ecommerce distribution centre, we are aware of our eco footprint and that we should make changes wherever possible.

In early 2020, our Redhill depot had solar panels installed on the roof which generate enough electricity on most days to supply the entire Redhill branch and charge any company vehicles that are needing power. The system includes a Tesla Powerbank which stores surplus power and releases it later – so if on a sunny day we generate more power than the branch uses, rather than wasting it, it is stored in the Tesla Powerbank for use overnight. Going forward we plan to install similar systems at our other branches.

Solar panels installed at About Roofing Supplies, Redhill RH1

Although electric HGVs are many years away from being commercially available and viable, our lorry fleet are all Euro 6 lorries (which is the latest standard) and emit the lowest levels of pollution currently possible from an ICE. Our van fleet is already going electric: Our first all-electric delivery van, the Maxxus Deliver3, has just entered service at our About Roofing Plus East Grinstead Branch. We have another electric van on order which is due to be delivered in September and, going forward, we will replace all of our vans with electric versions. Most of our company cars are already either electric or hybrids and any non-electric cars will be replaced with electric equivalents as they are renewed.

The latest addition to our delivery fleet the electric Maxxus Deliver3

If you have placed an order with us on, then chances are you would have received your order in a brown cardboard box, with About Roofing Supplies parcel tape and bubble wrap inside. These materials are all made from recycled materials and are just a few changes in a long list we have made to improve our sustainability in our ecommerce department.

In short, we are making all the necessary changes to contribute a small, but worthy difference to the planet in the fight for a more sustainable future.

Where can I find roofing and building materials near me?

You can view and order a wide range of roofing and building materials, as well as our wide range of clay roof tiles and concrete roof tiles in any of our branches listed below or we can deliver nationwide:

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