How long does it take Cromar Cromapol roof coating to dry?

Cromar Cromapol Acrylic Waterproof Roof Coating is a fibre reinforced liquid acrylic resin dispersed in solvent, and is designed to prevent the ingress of water.

Cromapol is suitable for general waterproofing and sealing of roofs, pitched surfaces & for sealing flashings, will waterproof instantly even in damp or wet conditions, and will not wash off while curing.

Following surface preparation, one coat only is required.

Cromapol should be applied in temperatures between 5 degrees c and 25 degrees c.

Drying time can be up to 1 week depending on the ambient temparature, and the thickness of the coating as applied.

It is worth noting that Cromapol may remain soft for a further period, but this is not detrimental to its waterproofing abilities.

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