What is the best roofing membrane?


Many people consider premium roofing membranes by manufacturers such as Tyvek and Klober as the best.

Roofing membranes can be thought of in similar terms to waterproof clothing: you would not expect a cheap 'own brand' waterproof jacket to perform as well as a branded, professional quality jacket at two or three times the price.

Breathable membranes for roofs and walls can be thought in the same way: The more expensive they are, the thicker they are which means that they perform better.

Interestingly, many customers are aware of this - and the potential issues that can occur when the breathable membrane used is not up to the job, and our best selling roofing membranes are our premium membranes such as Tyvek Supro and Cromar Vent 3 Professional: As in many situations in life - you get what you pay for!