Sourcing roofing materials locally and online

Sourcing roofing materials locally and online

The best places to source roofing materials

Ordering roofing materials online

Most of us research products and shop online these days. When ordering Christmas presents, clothes, and even our weekly food shopping, the process is straightforward and the order will be delivered in a small box, or a few bags, a day or two after the order is placed online.

But what if you need 10,000 roof tiles for your extension roof, five bags of gravel for the drive or a number of large tins of waterproofing paint for your flat roof? These products will be delivered on big lorries with cranes, or by pallet couriers - surely it's not straightforward?

Actually, ordering roofing materials online is very simple - you add your goods to the basket on the website, and they are then delivered shortly after in much the same way as your delivery from other online sellers - it's that easy!

Often our customers are unsure of the types and quantities of the materials that they need, or they have architects drawings which require specialist quantification - in these scenarios the order cannot easily be placed online as it is not readily apparent which materials are required, or they may even be items that need to be specially ordered and supplied directly from the manufacturer: so what happens in these instances? Here at About Roofing Supplies we deal with these kinds of situations on a daily basis - all we ask our customers to do is to forward us their plans or drawings by email or in the post, we quantify the materials required, and then send the customer a pro forma invoice setting out which materials are required, the cost of delivery etc and payment details.

Unlike our competitors, here at About Roofing Supplies we have experienced staff who are available in person, via email or by phone, to ensure that your order is dealt with by a member of staff that you can actually speak to regarding your order, and who will know who you are and will know all about your order - no call centres here at About Roofing we promise!

Ordering roofing materials locally

There are pros and cons to ordering your roofing materials locally.

On the positive side, you can deal with your supplier face to face, see samples of the actual tiles that you are buying, and the delivery costs are sometimes lower than ordering online, however there are drawbacks too: Are you sure that you are getting the best price? Online suppliers are often cheaper than your local supplier, however ordering online from a website, rather than a human being, is not the way that everyone likes to purchase goods - especially expensive, bulky and often complex building materials, such as roof tiles.

Also your local supplier, particuarly if they are a builder's merchant, may not have the experience to process your order and to supply the right products for your project - unlike a specialist roofing supplier, such as About Roofing Supplies. They might be local, but you will get none of the advantages of dealing with a local specialist.

Where can I buy roofing materials near me?

Using a specialist roofing supplier such as About Roofing Supplies gives you the best of both worlds: Friendly experienced staff in real branches with actual stock to see and purchase, at online prices - the best of both worlds, both online and local!

Our local branches are listed below but we do also deliver nationwide:

Dorking, Surrey Redhill, Surrey Esher, Surrey East Grinstead, Sussex