C Cap Chimney Capper 350mm Vents Disused Chimney Pots up to 13" 330mm Terracotta / Buff

C Cap Chimney Capper 350mm Vents Disused Chimney Pots up to 13" 330mm Terracotta / Buff

Size Width: 350mm
Material Plastic


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C Cap Chimney Capper 350mm For Venting Disused Chimney Pots up to 13 inch 330mm External Diameter

The CCap Chimney Capper is a revolutionary design of chimney cap which helps minimise heat loss from disused chimney flues.

It provides 100% protection of the flue against rain, hail, snow, nesting birds, leaves etc. protecting it from damage while still allowing ventilation of the flue.

Left uncapped, disused chimneys are exposed to the elements, airborne debris and nesting birds and can be a major waste of energy via expensive heat loss from the home.

Fitting a CCap immediately solves these problems, potentially saving hundreds of pounds. Fitting takes seconds and can readily be carried out by your local chimney sweep or other contractor, with the necessary competence and equipment for roof access.

Why cap a disused chimney?

The Building Research Establishment (BRE) recommends disused chimneys should be capped off at the top with a ventilated capping. Research has shown that up to 80% of heat in a room is lost up the Chimney and least 35 litres of water comes down each chimney every year. C Cap Chimney Cappers are designed to cap off chimneys that are not being used. Where a disused chimney is left uncapped, it is open to the UK weather. Blockage of the chimney by nesting birds will not stop the rain getting in but it will tend to trap the moisture in the chimney by blocking ventilation and preventing the moisture from drying out.


Pots need to be in sound condition. Any cracked pot should either be replaced or suitably strapped to allow insertion of the CCap retaining wires.



Dimensions + -

  • Fits standard chimney pots with an external diameter up to 13 inches / 350mm

Technical + -

  • Injection moulded from tough, recyclable ABS thermoplastic
  • 50mm high and manufactured from tough 4mm ASA Plastic


  • Fits neatly over the chimney pot, where it is retained by galvanised steel spring wires
  • Can be fitted to most standard round chimneys of appropriate size and is light enough to allow several to easily be carried up the roof, where fitting to the pot takes a matter of seconds
  • Helps minimise heat loss from disused chimney flues
  • Allows permanent ventilation within the chimney stack to reduce the possibility of damp
  • Blends with the traditional character of the chimney stack
  • No tools required



  • Check that the pot is in sound condition and not cracked. Any cracked pots should be replaced or strapped prior to installing CCap.
  • Remove the included spring wires,clamp and screws. 
  • Fit the spring wires. One of the central slots is slightly deeper than the other. Fit the first wire into the deeper slot followed by the second wire.
  • Check that both wires are evenly positioned.
  • Secure the wires firmly in place with the clamp and screws.
  • The screws can be screwed fully home, but do not overtighten. Insert the ends of two adjacent wires into the pot, pointing away from you.
  • Tap or push the cap away over the far side of the pot so that the other ends of the wires (nearest you) are located as close as reasonably possible to the near edge of the pot rim.
  • Push the ends of the wires into the pot. Once these are in, simply tap the CCap down on to the pot.

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