Which chimney cowl should I use?

Which chimney cowl should I use?

Determining which cowl you can install

Choosing a chimney cowl for your chimney is not easy as simply choosing one that you like and installing it, there are several factors that will determine which cowl you can use.

The first and most important factor to consider is if your chimney is in use. Some cowls are designed for disused chinneys and do not allow enough ventilation for smoke to extract. This could lead to the smoke flowing back down your chimney and into your home, which could potentially lead to carbon monoxide inhalation and susequent poisoning.

The second factor to consider is what type of fire place you have: Do you have a solid fuel or gas fireplace? Some chimney cowls are designed for specific use with either solid fuel or gas systems, as they require different amounts of ventilation and coatings. The smoke that is emitted from burning solid fuels is corrosive to some cowls and will eventually damage and render the cowl unuseable.

If you have an active fireplace and your chimney is still in use, the majority of cowls available for you to install will be stainless steel metal cowls. The smoke produced from your fireplace will not be harmful to these cowls and can still offer benefits such as anti-downdraught etc.

Chimney Cowls available from About Roofing Supplies

Diffferent chimney cowls available from About Roofing Supplies

Birdguard chimney cowls are designed to keep birds, squirrels and general debris from entering your chimney. These are made from stainless steel metal and feature a metal raincap to help keep rain from entering the chimney pot. Brewer birdguards and Madcowl birdguards can be used with both disused and in use chimneys. (Please note that the Brewer birdguards are manufactured for use with specific fuel types)

Anti-Downdraught cowls are designed to eliminate downdraught through your chimney. Adverse weather conditions can mean that smoke is pushed downwards, which can not only cause unpleasant smells and smoke damage in your property but can also send dangerous gases into your house, which could be toxic. These are also made from stainless steel metal and can be either fixed via jubilee clip or a hook/bolt system and are manufactured by Brewer and Madcowl.

If your fireplace is not active and your chimney is disused you can install a range of clay flue terminal cowls, which will still allow airflow through the chimney, which helps to prevent damp. There are different styles of flues you can install, and are purchased with a dual purpose as a both a functional and as a decorative cowl. At About Roofing Supplies we stock a wide range of clay terminal cowls, manufactured by leading manufacturer W T Knowles.

Alternatively if your chimney is disused, you can simply cap off the chimney pot with a capping cowl which are only suitable for use with disused chimneys. Brewer & Madcowl both provide a capping cowl which is produced in stainless steel and fixed with a jubilee clip. C-Caps are plastic chimney caps, which use 4 metal legs that expand outwards, inside of the pot and uses the friction created to stay in place.

All chimney pot, flues and cowls are manufactured to exacting national and international standards and are extensively tested.

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