What are roof shingles made of?

What are roof shingles made of?


Roof shingles are made of one of two materials: Wood or bituminous felt.

Wood shingles - or more accurately Cedar Shingles - are made of thin strips of Cedar. These are a very popular roof covering in the USA where their light weight is emininently suited to their practice of timber frame construction for houses which are unable to bear the weight of concrete or clay roof tiles as commonly used in the UK and Europe.

Felt Shingles are made from premium quality bituminous roofing felt, cut to shape, and, like Cedar Shingles, are also extremely popular in the United States due to thier light weight, long life, and ease of laying.

Our own brand felt shingles are manufactured in Russia. These felt shingles are more than capable of withstanding anything that the British weather can throw at them, and have long service lives.

Beware of cheap felt shingles - usually manufactured in China, Italy or Spain: these have a reputation of being made with poor quality bitumen and rarely last more than a handful of years.

Pricing & availability 

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Where can I find roofing felt shingles near me?

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