What are Briquettes & Firelogs?

What are Briquettes & Firelogs?

The Similarities and Difference Between Briquettes, Firelogs & Heat Logs

Briquettes, Firelogs and Heat Logs are very similar products.

They are all manufactured from what are essentially by-products of the wood and coal industries, formed into a block or log shape.

They all share similar properties, being easy to light, slow burning and with a high heat output - with the extra advantages of economical pricing and longer burn time that the equivalent 'natural' wood or coal fuels.

Some people prefer the 'look' of a burning natural log or coal glowing in the fire, however these products can be bulky to store and messy - especially in the case of house coal which is naturally dusty.

Briquettes and firelogs however are supplied wrapped and are very compact in form, making them easy to store as they take up little space, with very little mess making them ideal for smaller properties or those customers who value modern convenience over the traditional fuels.

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Where can I find winter fuels near me?

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