Five key factors to consider before bulk buying roofing materials

Five key factors to consider before bulk buying roofing materials

Five key factors to consider before bulk buying roofing materials

There are five main points that should be considered before bulk buying roofing materials:

Will they suit my property?

Not all roofing materials suit every property - a factor that is sometimes overlooked by buyers seeking to purchase roof tiles or slates for their property.

Older properties - pre 1940s for example - are often best suited to handcrafted or hand made clay plain tiles, whilst concrete plain roof tiles, for example, just would not look right!

On modern properties, a contemporary roof tile such as a clay machine made roof tile, or large format concrete interlocking tile are the most suitable option, whereas a handmade clay roof tile would simply look out of place.

Here at About Roofing Supplies we are experts in roofing materials and are available to help you to make the best decision for your project.

Do I like the look of them?

This is a simple point, but a very important point! The roof tiles and slates that you choose are not easily changed in the same way that a pair of shoes that you regret buying can be returned or easily replaced.

Time spent looking at samples, weighing up the features and benefits of the different roof tile types is essential, and we strongly encourage our customers to talk to us before purchasing roofing materials so that we help them to come to the right decision.

Do I have planning permission for them?

Local Authority Planning Departments should always be consulted before purchasing roof tiles - they are there to make sure that properties are in keeping with the local area, and carry out a very important job protecting both your, and your neighbours' interests, and the look of the area.

Are they from a reputable manufacturer?

Not every manufacturer who's products are sold online or through roofing materials suppliers, subject their roofing slates and tiles to the full range of UK and EU testing and certification processes.

Rigorous testing of building and roofing materials is essential to ensure a long service life, satisfactory performance and safety.

Sadly, we are aware of products that are available on the UK market that have not been tested properly, do not meet standards or have warranties that are frankly worthless.

At About Roofing Supplies, we only sell products from manufacturers in whom we have complete confidence that not only do their products meet and / or exceed every relavent standard, but are backed up by a manufacturer who will deal with any issues.

You can rest assured that we would not sell any products that we would not fit onto our own homes!

Am I ordering them from a trustworthy supplier?

Not all supplier of roofing materials are the same!

Many so-called 'suppliers' such as Builders Merchants simply order the roof tiles and slates through merchants like us, rather than stocking them, adding yet another layer of cost, and leaving the buyer exposed to supply errors.

Some roofing materials suppliers - particuarly online suppliers - do not actually stock any of the products that they sell, and rely on ordering the products directly from the manufacturer leaving the buyer effectively relying on the actual manufacturer to have the products that they require in stock.

Few roofing materials suppliers offer a Click & Collect facility and even fewer operate lorries with cranes on them to make unloading easier.

At About Roofing Supplies we have four branches that you can collect from, one of the largest delivery fleets in the industry - and large stocks! Check out our Facebook & Twitter feeds to see our staff and branches!