Kima Outside / In Pitched Roof Vent

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Kima Outside / In Pitched Roof Vent

The Kima Outside / In Vent is a new and innovative pitched roof vent, for installation on the outside of the loft space, which aims to tackle condensation in your loft space.

As each vent features the innovative 'Snap-Lock' system, installation only takes minutes, making the Outside / In Vent an ideal product for home owners, DIYers and roofing/building contractors.

The roof tiles / slates are laid over the top of the vent so there is no cutting involved and the grille section is only 2.5cms deep so it sits in the batten cavity between the breathable membrane and the underside of the roof tiles / slates.

Unlike conventional vent tiles, these vents are installed underneath the roof tiles or slates and are invisible once installed, which is a key requirement for many properties, particularly those with a contemporary or heritage appearance.

The two parts of the Kima Outside / In vent (one part underneath the membrane and one part – the grille section - above it) are fixed together tightly using a snap-lock strip and this is very tight to to create the seal.

Manufactured from polypropylene, making it very lightweight and flexible. The vent is also tough and durable, lasting a long time on your roof.

The Outside / In Vent works with any breathable or non breathable membrane from 0.2mm - 25mm thick, and is installed from the outside of the roof.

With a venting area of 56cm2 per vent, these vents can be installed to achieve the required Building Regulations of 5mm continuous ventilation at the ridge. By simply installing one Kima vent per pitch truss next to a rafter, two tile battens down from the ridge, on either side of the ridge achieves this.

Please note: These vents are not suitable for connection to an extract fan or mechanical ventilation.


  • Material: Polypropylene
  • Airflow: 52cm/2
  • internal diameter: 95mm
  • Colour: Black
  • Suitable for installation on any roof pitch above 12.5 degrees


  • Installed from the outside of the roof
  • Easy to install due to its Snap Lock feature
  • Durable
  • Suitable for 0.2mm - 25mm underlay