Cedar Wood Shingles Red Label No.2 Grade Western Red

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Cedar Wood Shingles Red Label No.2 Grade Western Red

Red Label Shingles sit in between the Blue and Black Grade. These have slight imperfections to the top third of the shingle, so none are visible when fixed, and have no heavy knot holes, which can be found on the Black label.

These are highly durable Grade 2 Western Red Cedar shingles from Canada, where they have been used as an exterior building material for centuries particuarly for roofing applications.

After being cut from the block of Cedar each shingle is trimmed to create square corners and graded according to visual features.

Timber offcuts are converted into mulch which is used by gardeners and landscape architects.

Its naturally occuring preservatives make Western Red Cedar resistant to fungal, insect and moisture decay which can be enhanced by extra chemical treatment.

These shingles are manufactured from cedar logs harvested from renewable well managed Canadian forests, which may allow re-harvesting in as few as 50 years.

Western Red Cedar has a fine even grain, low density and light weight making it easy to work. The wood has a characteristic pleasing spicy aroma.

Cedar shingles are used on domestic dwellings and public buildings. They are ideal for chalets, sheds, summerhouses, animal shelters and mobile homes as well as conventional dwellings.



  • Length: 405mm (16”) (approx)
  • Thickness: (Tapered) 10mm Butt / 2mm Tip (approx)
  • Width: (ALL RANDOM) 75mm - 325mm
  • Grade: Imperfections = Top 1/3
  • Quantity per pack: 95 - 100 shingles in various widths per pack (approximately)

Exposure / Coverage

  • Coverage: 1.63m2 per pack (approx) at roof pitch: 18 degrees to 90 degrees / Exposure: 102mm Gauge (approx)
  • Coverage: 2.42m2 per pack (approx) at roof pitch: 90 degrees and above / Exposure: 145mm Gauge (approx)


  • Stainless Steel Annular Ring Shank Nails: 25mm or 30mm for installing shingles / 40mm for installing ridges / 75mm where a longer nail is required
  • Alternatively, Silicone Bronze 31mm x 1.8mm nails can be used for installing the shingles


  • Batten Gauge: 100mm
  • Batten size: Typically 50mm x 25mm, but 38mm x 25mm can be used
  • Batten required: 10 linear metres / m2


  • Minimum pitch: 14 Degrees
  • Maximum pitch: 90 Degrees (Can be installed on vertical faces)

Nail requirements

  • 2 nails per shingle
  • 190 nails required per pack of shingles irrespective of nail size (approximately)


Typical Installation Requirements:

  • Underlay: 3B Felt/Breather Membrane (available separately)
  • Roof Battens: typically 50mm x 25mm, but 38mm x 25mm can be used
  • Cedar Shingles installed to the roof battens
  • Fixings: Stainless Steel Annular Ring Shank nails for fixing (available separately)