Redland Regent Concrete Interlocking Roof Tiles

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Redland Regent Concrete Interlocking Roof Tiles

Redland Regent tiles are characterised by their high, bold roll profile, creating a striking and unique effect on the roof.

They are available in a wide range of colours and can be laid at pitches as low as 12.5 degrees, making them ideal for extensions and lean-to-roofs where the rafters have to fit below existing window cills.


Pallet Quantity

  • Tiles per Pallet: 252
  • Tiles per Pack: 42


  • Laid Weight: 49 kg/m2 at 318 mm gauge / 46 kg/m2 at 343 mm gauge
  • Weight per 1000 Tiles: 4.89 tonnes (approx)
  • Weight per Pallet: 1.25 tonnes (approx)

Minimum Roof Pitch & Headlap

  • Minimum Pitch & Headlap: Through Coloured: 12.5 degrees at 100mm headlap / 17.5 degrees at 75mm headlap
  • Granular: 22.5 degrees at 100mm headlap / 30 degrees at 75mm headlap
  • Maximum Pitch: 90 degrees subject to fixing specification
  • Maximum Headlap: 125 mm


  • Hanging Length: 397 mm (approx)
  • Linear Cover of 1 Tile: 300 mm
  • Covering Capacity (net): 10.5 tiles/m 2 at 318mm gauge / 9.7 tiles/m2 at 343 mm gauge


  • Battens Required: 3.15 m/m2 at 318mm gauge / 2.92 m/m2 at 343 mm gauge
  • Batten Size: 38 x 25 mm rafter centres up to 450 mm / 50 x 25 mm rafter centres up to 600 mm
  • Nail Size: 50 mm x 3 mm

Tile Size

  • Tile Size: 418 mm x 332 mm
  • Tile Thickness: 26 mm


  • Minimum Gauge: 293 mm
  • Maximum Gauge: Through Coloured: 318 mm below 17.5 degrees / 343 mm at 17.5+ degrees
  • Granular: 318 mm below 30 degrees / 343 mm at 30+ degrees


  • Concrete


  • Economical
  • Suitable for roof pitches as low as 12.5 degrees (Smooth finish only)
  • Contemporary popular design
  • Lightweight


  • Redland Regent Tiles must be laid straight bonded, normally from right to left.
  • Eaves Filler Units must be used at all eaves situations.
  • At left-hand verges, use Standard Tiles with interlocks removed.
  • At right-hand verges, use Standard Tiles.
  • Half Tiles must not be used at verges.
  • Dentil slips must be used for mortar bedded ridges and hips.
  • Half Tiles should be used to avoid the use of small pieces of tiles.