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Dakota Roof Felt Shingles 3 square metre pack


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Dakota Roof Felt Shingles 3 square metre pack

was £29.95 excluding VAT £35.94 incl VAT @20%

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was £29.95 excluding VAT £35.94 incl VAT @20%

Special Price £20.00 excluding VAT £24.00 incl VAT @20%


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Minimum Roof Pitch: 18 Degrees
Product Description
  • 15 years manufacturers guarantee
  • Easy to fit
  • Ideal for chalets, sheds, outhouses and mobile homes as well as conventional dwellings
  • Easy to lay - simply nailed onto the roof

Dakota Roof Felt Shingles - 3 square metre pack

Dakota felt shingles are high quality bitumen asphalt roofing shingles manufactured by BP Building Products in Canada, where shingles have been made for over 100 years and cover more than 70% of all domestic pitched roofs.

These shingles are guaranteed for 15 years by the manufacturer - with a life expectancy of 35 years.

This classic 3 tab Dakota bitumen felt shingle offers enhanced performance. From bold new shades to suit modern architecture to natural hues to complement more traditional styles, Dakota shingles are ideal for chalets, sheds, outhouses and mobile homes as well as conventional dwellings.

Dakota shingles are manufactured in Canada and used extensively throughout North America and Europe where, despite large temperature variations, driving rain and heavy snowfall, they have an unparalleled reputation for performance and cover more than 2/3 of all domestic pitched roofs.

Ridges / Hips:

These are made from the strips of shingles, by cutting the strips into the individual tile shaped "tabs" and then overlaying them over each other along the ridges or hips.

This simple method reduces wastage as you are able to use your offcuts rather than having to throw them away!

Alternatively, you can make an allowance for the hips / ridge when estimating your requirements by allowing for 2.4 strips of shingles per linear metre of ridge / hip.


Asphalt roofing products are manufactured in a continuous process starting with large rolls of organic felt on to which other components are layered.

The felt is passed through a saturator tank where it is impregnated with the hot asphalt.

This is then coated with a stabilizer to the top and bottom of the saturated felt sheet.

Coloured granules are then dropped onto the top surface, while a talc is spread across the back to prevent the shingles from sticking together when packaged.

Cooling rollers then press the granules firmly into the hot asphalt while bringing the temperature of the material down.

The material is then accurately cut to size packaged and wrapped for shipment.


  • Please note when working out your requirements: Usual practice is to allow between 5 & 10% extra materials for wastage / cuts.
  • Also, do not forget to make an allowance for your ridge and/or hips.


  • Whilst every effort has been made to depict the colours & finished appearance as accurately as possible, due to the variations in rendering of all monitors, the colours represented here should be taken as indicative guides only, and should not be taken as literal renditions of the end result.



  • 15 year guarantee


  • Minimum Roof Pitch: 18 degrees
  • Approximate Weight: 10.6 kg/m2
  • Approximate weight per pack: 33.8 kg
  • Shingles per bundle: 21


  • Dimensions (L x H): 1000mm x 340mm
  • Tabs (H): 140mm


  • To fix these shingles we recommend the use of 3mm to 3.5mm diameter barbed hot dipped / galvanized roofing nails with a minimum 10mm head
  • Nails must be long enough to penetrate a minimum of 20mm into the solid wood deck or just through the plywood deck
  • Staples are not recommended
  • Raised nails can result in shingle distortion and may prevent sealing
  • Drive the nails until they are flush with the surface but do not overdrive nails
  • Do not nail into the sealing strip as the nails may prevent proper sealing
  • Do not drive nails at an angle
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