Tudor Traditional Handmade Clay Plain Roof Tiles

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Tudor Traditional Handmade Clay Plain Roof Tiles

The Tudor Traditional range of hand made clay plain roof tiles are available in a wide range of colours, each of which will weather over time and will naturally develop an ever more pleasing appearance with that distinctive character that only genuine handmade plain roof tiles offer!

No two Tudor Traditional clay plain roof tiles are identical, with variation in shape, colour, thickness and size. In this way, they give a sympathetic ‘time weathered’ appearance with the advantage of being performance guaranteed.

Tudor Roof Tiles manufacture in Kent, England using traditional making skills, and are manufactured to exacting standards using a state-of-the-art modern technological kiln.

Purchasers of Tudor roof tiles & accessories have the assurance of knowing that all of their clay products are manufactured in England, and comply with C E Marking to British and European standard BS EN 1304, which legislates for externally tested and verified quality of roof tiles.

Choosing a roofing material is a key decision when building or renovating a home as the roof is a dominant feature of the building - traditionally made from locally available materials, clay tiles have always encompased pleasing aesthetics with durability.

When used as exterior wall cladding, Tudor Tradional clay plain roof tiles are an excellent way to add character to modern properties, which may already have ordinary and unprepossessing machine made clay or concrete tiles on the roof.


Pallet Quantity

  • Quantity per pallet: 800
  • Supplied in multiples of 10


  • Weight as laid: 75 kg per m/2 (roof) / 65 kg per m/2 (vertical)
  • Weight per 1000: 1.25 tonnes
  • Weight per tile: 1.25 kg

Minimum Roof Pitch

  • Minimum roof pitch: 40 degrees (roof) / 75 degrees (vertical)


  • Covering capacity at maximum gauge: 60 tiles per m/2 (roof) / 53 tiles per m/2 (vertical)


  • Batten Spacing: 100 mm (Roof) / 114 mm (Vertical)

Tile Size

  • Size of tile: 265mm x 165 mm


  • Headlap : 65mm (Roof) / 38mm (Vertical)


  • Material: Clay


  • Transverse Strength: 780 Newtons
  • Water Impermeability: BS EN 1304 standard
  • Freeze / Thaw Test: BS EN 1304 standard (revised level 2014) - All Tiles without suffering damage
  • CE Marking & Declaration of Performance: BS EN 1304 standard


  • Handmade in Kent by craftsmen
  • Cross Cambered
  • Durable
  • Easily Laid
  • Traditional Appearance