Ryno Dry Fix Vented Roll Out Roof Ridge Kit For Concrete Ridge Tiles 6mtr

Ryno Dry Fix Vented Roll Out Roof Ridge Kit For Concrete Ridge Tiles 6mtr

Colour Anthracite
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Ryno Dry Fix Vented Roll Out Roof Ridge Kit For Concrete Ridge Tiles - Covers 6 Linear Metres

This fully compliant Dry-Fix Ridge System can be installed in all weathers.

Developed for faster and safer ridge tile installation and simple to install, it creates less mess and has none of the problems that plague mortared ridges.

More extreme weather events in recent years has led to a change in roofing advice - the latest BS5534 standards recommend dry fixing for ridge tiles. It's safer for building owners, more dependable for roofers, and means no more customer calls to fix common mortar problems.

  • The Ryno dry fix ridge kit is a high quality 6 metre ventilated ridge roll, with a self-adhesive butyl strip for a water and wind tight seal
  • Universal ratchet unions suit concrete half round ridges, concrete segmental ridges, concrete third round hips, concrete legged angle ridges and concrete uni angle ridges allowing simple, all weather, mortar free fixing
  • Super strength nylon ratchet clips give superior strength and durability
  • High quality stainless steel fixing packs to ensure long term durability and a long service life
  • Ridge roll is vapour permeable
  • Simple installation require no specialist skills or specialist tools
  • 10 year manufacturer's guarantee on all components


Technical + -

  • 1 x 6mtr x 310mm Ridge Roll
  • 10 x Ridge Batten Brackets
  • 13 x Ridge Unions
  • 1 x Fixing Kit (including: 26 x Outer Clips / 13 x Centre Clips / 13 x Screws)
  • Colour: Anthracite

Suitability + -

  • Marley, Sandtoft & Redland concrete half round ridges
  • Sandtoft & Marley concrete segmental ridges
  • Redland concrete third round hips
  • Sandtoft concrete legged angle ridges
  • Redland concrete universal angle ridges
  • Marley Modern ridges

Compliance + -

  • Ventilates to BS 5250
  • Complies with BS 5534 for mechanical fixing
  • NHBC compliant
  • BS8612 compliant


  • 6 metre ventilated ridge roll with self adhesive butyl strip for a quality seal
  • Super strength nylon ‘ratchet’ clips give superior strength and durability
  • Mortar free
  • Resistant to wind and water
  • Vapour permeable
  • Simple installation requires no special tools
  • Self-adhesive butyl strip provides a water-tight seal and permanent bond
  • High quality stainless steel fixings ensure durability and long service life
  • Can be used on roofs with a pitch of between 15 and 60 degrees


  • Install the underlay and battens as normal, leaving the underlay 5-30mm short of the ridge on both side.
  • Do not fix the top tiling batten at this stage.
  • Place the ridge batten brackets across the apex of the roof, and nail to the rafters on both sides of the roof, using the nails provided. (Each kit contains enough batten brackets to fix at 450 and 600mm centres.)
  • Install the top tiling batten as normal, leaving a 10mm gap before the ridge batten.
  • Place the first ridge batten in the batten bracket, and nail through the holes provided in the flange.
  • Build up the ridge batten to the required height by adding one or two more battens, nailing each to the previous batten to ensure it’s adequately secured in place.
  • Lay and fix tiles as normal Roll out the ridge roll centrally across the entire length of the ridge batten, using the white spine of the roll as a guide over the ridge batten.
  • Secure the roll by nailing or stapling through the white spine.
  • All joints in the ridge roll must be overlapped by 75mm min.
  • Leave a 75mm long strip of the roll at each end of the ridge.
  • Remove the release paper from the butyl adhesive strip on the underside of each edge of the ridge roll, and firmly press onto the clean dry tile on both sides (avoid crushing the corrugations).
  • Continue this process along the entire ridge line.
  • Adhere the roll to the vertical surface of the dry verge unit at the gable end and at the hip abutment, overlap the roll across the hip rolls by 75mm, carefully sealing the butyl adhesive in place.
  • Insert the long and two short ratchet clips loosely into the middle and side slots respectively on the union.
  • Lay the ridge tile on the ridge roll starting at the gable end or hip abutment, and slide the union into the open end.
  • Slide the next ridge tile into the open end of the ridge union and press all three clips firmly in place.
  • Secure the union with the screws provided, through the long ratchet clips.
  • Any protruding end of the union can be snapped off or folded behind the union.
  • Continue this process along the ridge to the end. Secure the ridge end tile through the pre-drilled holes provided or drill a hole through when using reclaimed tile.