Cromar Alphachem Exterior Water Seal 5 litre / 25 litre

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Cromar Alphachem Exterior Water Seal 5 litre / 25 litre

Cromar Exterior Water Seal is a clear high performance waterproof treatment for exterior porous surfaces.



  • VOC Details:EU Limit for this product (CAT.H) : 750g/l (2010). This product contains max. 730 g/l VOCs


  • Between 2 - m2/litre/coat (depending on suraface porosity)


  • For use on brickwork, concrete, stone, paving, asbestos & cement
  • Can also be used to repel water on exterior wood that has previously been treated with a preservative



  • All surfaces to be treated should be dry, clean and free from dirt, dust, oil, grease and organic growth
  • Surfaces may be washed down with clean water but detergents of soap solutions should not be used
  • Do not apply Exterior Water Seal for 2/3 days after rain
  • Defective mortar should be removed and replaced with new
  • The product will not be effective on materials that are unsuitable for exterior use
  • Should not come into contact with windows or other glazed areas, which should be masked to prevent splashes. In such instances contaminated areas should be wiped immediately with White Spirit
  • Exterior Water Seal is ready to use and should not be diluted
  • Shake container before use
  • The material should be applied liberally by soft bristled brush or lowpressure airless equipment avoiding mist forming by using a course spray nozzle
  • On masonry a single application is normally all that is required but on porous surfaces a second application may be applied as soon as the first coat has dried
  • On wood, two coats are also required
  • Treatment should start at the top and work down
  • Cannot be overpainted therefore it should be used as a final application only, as it may affect the adhesion of subsequent coatings
  • Storage Conditions: To ensure an airtight seal, replace lid immediately after use
  • Shelf life is indefinite if material is stored in a dry area at temperatures between 8 degrees C & 25 degrees C
  • If water or condensation enters the container, material should not be used as gelling may occur, please check prior to use
  • Cleaning Tools: All tools and brushes to be cleaned with White Spirit after use