Cromar Roofing Felt Adhesive 5 litre / 25 litre

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Cromar Roofing Felt Adhesive 5 litre / 25 litre

Cromar Roofing Felt Adheive is a solvent based, cold applied bituminous adhesive for bonding successive layers of roofing felt, also suitable for use as a lap cement and gritting adhesive.

Formulated specially for fixing roofing felt to roofing felt, concrete, metal and similar surfaces.


  • Coverage: 2m/2 per litre (approx)
  • 1 x 5 litre tin covers 10 m/2 (approx)
  • 1 x 25 litre tin covers 50 m/2 (approx)

Drying Times:

  • Drying times vary depending on weather conditions and applied thickness
  • Heavy application will result in extended drying times



  • Storage Life: Mimimum 12 months in unoped, tightly sealed containers
  • Sore away from sources of heat and ignition


  • Coverage: 2 m/2 per litre (approx)
  • 1 x 5 litre tin covers 10 m/2 (approx)
  • 1 x 25 litre tin covers 50 m/2 (approx)

Drying times

  • Drying times vary depending on weather conditions and applied thickness
  • Heavy application will result in extended drying times


  • Ready to use
  • Contains bitumen/solvent blend
  • Suitable for binding mineral chippings to bituminous surfaces



  • All surfaces must be clean, dry and free from oil, dust, dirt and loose material
  • Dusty and porous surfaces should be primed with Bitumen Primer
  • All traces of algae and fungal growth should be removed and surfaces treated with fungicide.
  • Stir before and occasionally during use
  • Apply using either a stiff brush, mop or squegee
  • To avoid thickening in cold weather, store in a warm room overnight prior to use.
  • Apply to the surface and leave for 15 - 30 minutes (depending upon conditions) in order to develop its full thickness.
  • The felt should then be placed into the wet adhesive film carefully, rubbing or rolling each section down to ensure maximum contact with the adhesive and to expel air trapped between the surface and the felt.
  • Wherever possible the felt should be unrolled into the Roofing Felt Adhesive and rolled with a light roller (15 to 25kg)
  • The overlaps should be at least 75mm on the side and 150mm at the ends.
  • To ensure a complete bond at the side and end laps, Cromar Roofing Felt Adhesive can be applied to the underside of the felt and well compacted.
  • When using with a timber structure the first layer of felt must be nailed down.
  • Successive layers of felt may then be bonded using Cromar Roofing Felt Adhesive.
  • When used on concrete surfaces that are porous it will be necessary to prime the surface first, ensuring that the primer is completely dry before the first layer of felt is applied.
  • 24 hours after laying felt check all bondings to ensure that full adhesive has been obtained.
  • Particularly check all laps


  • Tools may be cleaned with White Spirit.
  • Minor spillages should be wiped off surfaces before the roofing felt adhesive has set.
  • Major spillages should be mopped up immediately with an inert, absorbent material, such as sand and disposed on in accordance with current regulations.