20mm Scottish Glensada Pink & Grey Granite Chippings: 800kg Bulk Bag

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Please note that the images illustrating these products are indicative of the approximate size, nature and colour of these products but should be taken as an indication only, due to naturally occuring variations.

Once in situ these products will naturally weather over time. The colour will also vary depending on whether the products are wet or dry.


20mm Scottish Glensada Pink & Grey Granite Chippings: 800kg Bulk Bag

A classic mix of Scottish Glensanda hardstone chippings with a hint of sparkle, this angular chipping is ideal for driveways, paths and patios as well as for water features, rockeries, decorative planting mulch and most landscaping applications including Japanese gardens.

Decorative Stones provide an attractive versatile low maintenance covering for all areas around the house and garden and will make a strong contrast to any landscaping project whether formal or contemporary.

Quick and easy to lay, these stones and chippings are naturally hardwearing, making them ideal for driveways, paths and patio areas, as well as for mulching and dressing flowerbeds and planters.

Being completely fish friendly, they are also ideal for laying around ponds and water features when the colour of the stone is greatly enhanced when it becomes wet.

When used as a decorative planting mulch, these stones and chippings provide free drainage and will help to minimise evaporation during the summer months whilst providing valuable protection to surrounding plants during the colder winter months.

  • Supplied in 0.85/m3 or larger bulk bags
  • Approximate weight: 800kg
  • Please note that sizes are approximate

Please note that this product is accurately weighed at the time of filling the bags, however settling can take place during transit, due to dampness etc. The weight can also vary due to moisture content & loss of product can occur during transit.

Coverage: 1 Bulk bag covers 14m2 at a depth of 40mm (approximately)


  • Ideal For: Pathways, drives, patios, water features, rockeries and for use as a decorative plant mulch and as a weed suppressant