Klober 10K Natural Roof Slate & Man Made Roof Slate Vent

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Klober 10K Natural Roof Slate & Man Made Roof Slate Vent

The 10K Slate Vent can also be used for soil ventilation or mechanical extraction, when used with an adaptor (available separately), in addition to roof space ventilation at high or low level.

This ventilating slate suits 600mm x 300mm (24 inch x 12 inch) and 500mm x 250mm (20 inch x 10 inch) double lap slates, man made or natural, for roofs with a pitch of 20 degrees and above.

To enable connection to an extractor fan or soil pipe, a Soil And Mechanical Adaptor is available separately



  • Performance: Ventilation area of 10,000mm; 5mm and 10mm continuous opening equivalent at 2.0m and 1.0m intervals


  • Material: UV resistant polypropylene
  • Dimensions: 600mm long x 300mm wide x 60mm deep


  • Low profile design to blend with the roof line
  • For new build or reroofing situations
  • Can be used at high or low level
  • Slate Grey cap blends with most manmade or natural slates
  • Complies fully with relevant Building Regulations and British Standards
  • Designed to avoid any build up of debris inside the vent
  • Clearly marked for cutting to various slate sizes
  • Prevents entry of birds and large insects
  • Rear oval spigot to ensure direct ventilation path and maximum airflow into the roof space
  • Adaptor and flexpipe available separately to allow connection to soil ventilation or mechanical extraction



  • The Slate Vent is positioned as standard and a hole is cut in the roofing felt directly below the vent cap position
  • The two lower slates are trimmed to allow the pipe to pass through between them and centre nailed in position
  • The slate vent is positioned through the hole in the slates and centre nailed
  • NB: If using 500mm x 250mm slates cut away the side sections of the slate vent shown by guidelines on the underside
  • For headlaps in excess of 100mm cut off the front section shown on the underside. Slating is continued as normal.