Klober Roof Tile Vent to fit Redland Mini Stonewold or Marley Modern roof tiles Red / Grey / Brown

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Klober Roof Tile Vent to fit Redland Mini Stonewold or Marley Modern roof tiles Red / Grey / Brown

Provides ventilation in your roof without the need for breathable membrane simply replaces one existing tile.

Specially designed to fit Sandtoft Calderdale, Marley Modern, Russell Grampian & Redland Mini Stonewold vents only (NOT the Redland Mk2 Stonewold a vent specially for this tile is available separately)


  • The low profile design makes it virtually invisible on the roof
  • Fully wind tunnel tested
  • Rear oval spigot to ensure direct ventilation path and maximum airflow into the roof space
  • Adaptor and flexpipe available separately to allow connection to soil ventilation or mechanical extraction
  • Prevents entry of birds and large insects
  • Complies fully with relevant Building Regulations and British Standards
  • Suitable for all roof pitches of 20 degrees & above (Please note that the actual tiles can be installed in pitches as low as 15 degrees however these vent tiles CAN NOT be used at such low pitches)

Can be connected to a 4" / 100mm Flexipipe with a Klober Tile Vent Adaptor (available separately)



  • Performance: Provides 10,000mm2 vent area
  • Vent Spacings:
  • 5mm Opening @ 2m Centres
  • 10mm Opening @ 1.0m Centres
  • 25mm Opening @ 0.4m Centres
  • Air Flow Resistance:
  • 15 litres per second 7 Pa
  • 30 litres per second 29 Pa
  • 60 litres per second 115 Pa


  • Dimensions: 418mm x 330mm



  • Lay the roof tiles in the normal manner and determine the location of the vent tile, which must be inline with the tile below
  • Mark a 120 x 180mm wide rectangle on the underlay directly below the tile batten where the vent is to be fixed
  • Carry out a star cut within the rectangle and fold the four tabs back and secure the top tab to the tiling batten
  • Place and fix vent tile in position, ensuring the back of the spigot passes through the underlay, making sure the fixing lug on the underside of the vent tile is located under the left hand interlock of the roof tile. Then proceed with the tiling in the normal manner.