About Roofing Supplies 20th Anniversary

                                                          20 Year Anniversary | About Roofing Supplies

2019 is a very special year for us!

We opened our doors to our Esher branch for the first time in February 1999 - 3 more branches, thousands of customers and tens of thousands of deliveries later we are celebrating our 20th anniversary.

We started trading online in 2009 - amongst the first roofing and building materials suppliers to do so - so 2019 is also the 10th anniversary of aboutroofing.com.

We will be featuring interviews with our three founding directors on this blog shortly - they still run the company, and their story of how they turned a dream into a successful business is remarkable.

We will also be featuring an interview with our first ever employee - who is still with us - and our first ever customer - who is also still with us - as well as interviews with customers and staff over this special anniversary year.

About Roofing Supplies is more than a 'just a company': To many of the staff and customers it is a family and a part of everyday life. We look forward to sharing some of the stories about who we are, how we got here and where we are going in the coming months!

  • Celebrating 20 Years of Your Support

    This short video offers a fascinating insight into the story of About Roofing Supplies, and introduces some key figures from within the company who talk about their time at About Roofing Supplies.