Manthorpe G1105 Flash Vent Ventilating Abutment Strip 3mtr x 235mm

Manthorpe G1105 Flash Vent Ventilating Abutment Strip 3mtr x 235mm

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Manthorpe G1105 Flash Vent Ventilating Abutment Strip 3mtr x 235mm

The Manthorpe G1105 Flash Vent is a simple one piece rollout, easy fit sheet that provides ventilation for abutment roof details, providing a weathertight solution to the need for a continuous 5,000m square metres of airflow.

As it is made from just one component it is economical and easy to install. The rollout system makes fitting a breeze as it is supplied in a handy box dispenser with no need for specialist fixing tools.

Manthorpe have addressed the need for a flexible and effective system by incorporating a series of nodules into the design on both sides of the flexible vent roll. This not only provides the required airflow but includes an integral fly screen and maximises support of the lead.

This product has been independently wind tunnel tested for weather tightness and can be used over profiled tiles, non profiled tiles and slates without compromising its effectiveness.

Two widths can also be joined together to fit any length of lap between the lead and the tiles

Manufacturers Part Number: G1105


<p>Airflow + -

  • Free Airflow: 5,000m square metres - Equivalent to a continuous 5mm gap

Technical + -

  • Roll size: 235mm x 3mtr
  • Roof Pitch Suitability: Lowest pitch 15 degrees (Extra roll needed for pitches below 20 degrees)
  • Packaging Contents: 1 x 3m Roll & 10 Clips
  • Weight 2.4 kg per box
  • Material EVA/Copper/Masic Sealant
  • Colour Black

Suitability + -

  • N/A


  • One piece rollout, easy fit sheet that provides ventilation for abutment roof details
  • Provides a weathertight solution to the need for a continuous 5,000m square metres of airflow
  • Economical and easy to install
  • Includes an integral fly screen
  • Maximises support of the lead
  • Independently wind tunnel tested for weather tightness
  • Manufacturers Part No: G1105



  • The flash vent is designed to provide a solution to the problem of ventilating a pitched roof abutment detail
  • Installation of the flash vent under the lead flashing provides a weather tight airflow path equivalent in area to a continuous opening of 5mm
  • The flexible nature of the flash vent enables quick and easy installation on all tile profiles, while the tortured path created by the pin array has also been designed to maximise support of the lead and provide an integral flyscreen
  • The flash vent is supplied in a convenient dispensing box from which the required length of product can be rolled out onto the roof
  • Details on the box label help to orientate the box to ensure correct fitting
  • Roofs at lower pitches require a greater length of lead flashing in order to maintain a vertical weathering height of 75mm dressed down to the tiles(As recommended by the Lead Sheet Association L
  • If the length of lead required is greater than the width of a roll of flash vent and then a 2nd roll needs to be connected to the first
  • This is achieved by connecting both front rows together as shown in the 2nd roll is then trimmed in line with the front edge of the lead flashing as normal
  • Any length offcut can be readily reused by connecting it to a new roll
  • The male and female connection pins on the ends of the offcut and the roll need to be aligned and then pressed together
  • This method of joining can also be used to link multiple rolls for use on longer abutments
  • Copper clips aid in the securing of the flash vent and lead flashing to the roof covering
  • All abutment flashings require the lead to be dressed a minimum of 150mm down the tiles
  • With this value increasing for pitches below 30 degrees
  • To ensure the lead is dressed at least 150mm down the tiles the leading edge of the lead should fall in front of the upper row of text, behind which point the flash vent should not be cut